Hump Day Update 4/3/18

By Rachel A.G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.


The Chainsmokers have a new video for their song “Everybody Hates Me” in which the duo go “full psycho” in what is thought to be an “edgier” move for the duo. Trust me, guys, there is nothing edgy about two, white, privileged men complaining about the world being against them while driving a cool car, sorry.


Fans of the show “Bones” are accusing the new CBS show “Instinct” of having stolen plot lines and they are not happy about it. Slow down, guys. Chances are that the same people are watching all of these procedurals…and that because they’re mostly of an older generation they’re not going to remember what they’ve seen before, anyway.


Taylor Swift returned to the country scene this week by performing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville in order to advertise the recent release of her video for her single “Delicate.” The songstress was filmed as part of a documentary celebrating the 35th anniversary of the joint where she was discovered, singing some of her biggest hits and doing fire ball shots on stage. I don’t know which version of Ms. Swift this adventure was but I think it might be like Hannah Montana: having the best of both worlds.


ABC’s “Roseanne” revival drew in record numbers this past week and already led to the series being renewed for a second season after many felt it highlighted a necessary political dialogue. Let’s just hope re-electing this president won’t be such an easy venture.


The Weeknd has released the new music we’ve been teasing for a week now, coming out with the EP “My Dear Melancholy” where he called out all the people who have broken his heart, though we’re not sure exactly which people he might be referring to (Selena, Justin, Bella, someone else?). Time to put away our homework and do a close reading of these lyrics, instead.


There’s rumors that Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” might be getting a new love interest, but does she really want one? Her husband died after being hit by a semi-truck and the guy after that ran away to be with his fiancé whom he’d thought had died. Since her sex drive is already her work drive, I kind of feel like this lady is doing just fine.


Tyler, The Creator released a video for his latest song, “Okra,” in which he has a lot of confidence behind “a throwaway song” that also asks Timothée Chalamet to “come get at [him].” He’s only going to promote the song for five days, so at least we don’t have to dissect the strange decision for too long.


Freeform has cancelled their sci-fi series about a man who wakes up from a coma with special powers, “Beyond,” just after it wrapped up its second season finale. But don’t fret, the network is home to at least a dozen other shows with equally convoluted plots and supposedly hot lead actors.


And finally, NBC lit up our Easter evenings with Jesus Christ Superstar Live, which some are saying was actually one of the first decent productions the network aired. John Legend stared as adult Jesus and showed off his vocal prowess. Here’s to hoping he’ll bring that energy back when he steps into the roll he was born to play, baby Jesus, in the nativity story live this December.


Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next week. Grab an umbrella and remember that something good is meant to come from April showers (even if they’re of the snow variety).



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