Discussing Sumo Swindling with Sushi

By Julia Fields, Staff Writer

Next weekend, March 3rd and 4th, a unique and immersive experience comes to at Playstation Theater in Times Square. It is called Sumo + Sushi and it features live action sumo wrestling with delicious homemade sushi. This event is made to celebrate the art of sumo wrestling, an experience not many New York residents get to have. This event provides a way to immerse yourself into Japanese culture without ever leaving the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan.


Guests that attend this event will experience a fully curated dining experience and get to taste various types of real sushi from Japan. Not only will attendees get dinner and a show, but also a miniature history lesson. The event goes through the extensive history of sumo wrestling and the intricacies in the rules and regulations of the sport. Many people have heard about sumo wrestling at some point in their lives and even indulged in putting on an inflatable sumo suit and bumping bellies with a pal, but this eye-opening experience will offer a new insight into the foreign art form. Even included is a Q&A sessions with the wrestlers themselves. This way, viewers can ask about the lives and training of the wrestlers, or anything else they may be interested in. The boldest of attendees may even get a chance to face up and challenge one of the professionals- hence where the questions on training and practice may come in handy.


Within the two day occupation, there will be four shows, one at 5pm and one at 8:30pm each day. Three professional wrestlers–Byamba, Yama and Ramy–will take turns competing for the audiences. The professionals hail from Mongolia, Japan and Egypt and each hold titles in their divisions and have proven their skills at their trade.


This event admirably tries to bring the intricate and mainly unknown sport of sumo wrestling to a new and broader audience. Anyone who wants to learn more about the art form, eat good sushi, and ask professional sumo wrestlers questions about their trade should attend. $45 viewing only tickets are still available for the event next weekend. For more information and ticket purchases, visit sumoandsushi.com. This event offers an alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a trip to Japan by immersing yourself in Japanese culture right here in the concrete jungle.


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