Sunflower Bean preforms at Elsewhere

By Alyssa Craig, Contributing Writer

Sunflower Bean, a Brooklyn based rock band, gave an incredibly exciting and energetic performance at Elsewhere in Bushwick last Thursday. Frontwoman Julia Cummings’ vibrant performance gave life to the songs that she was performing. Her infectious energy radiated throughout the room and made the crowd feel genuinely excited to be there. She was a very dynamic performer and moved around the stage as she was performing.


This was a special show for the band because they were excited to be playing in their home city. Cummings said that she truly believes that New York City is the best city in the world and lead guitarist Nick Kivlen mentioned that they previously lived across the street from Elsewhere. The band had many friends and family in attendance, which was really meaningful for them.


Sunflower Bean was joined by Brooklyn based opening bands Navy Gangs and Beverly. Navy Gangs is a DIY rock band that released an EP last year and Beverly is a indie pop band that has released two albums since 2014.


Sunflower Bean, which formed in  Brooklyn, has amassed a significant discography in their 4 years of existence. Their unique blend of glam, psychedelic, and punk rock makes them stand out. The band has released one full length album, a few EPs and most recently a single called “I Was a Fool”. They have grown increasingly more popular since the release of their full length album, Human Ceremony, in 2016 which garnered favorable reviews.


The band was touring to promote their new single, which was released earlier this month. During the show in Bushwick, they played a mix of their newer and older songs. They played their song “2013”, which was on their first EP and followed it with their new single “I Was a Fool”. This showed their development as a band and their changing sound.


The crowd had a high level of energy and excitement throughout the show. They cheered and moshed throughout the show. The crowd grew visibly more animated when the band began to play hits “Easier Said” and “Wall Watcher”.  A few people even decided to climb on stage with the band before leaping back into the mosh pit. The band walked off the stage to prepare for the encore and then returned to play two more songs before thanking the crowd and leaving. The crowd went wild after they left and demanded for “one more song!” But, the show was finished and the band did not return. The set lasted for about an hour and once it was finished I was left wanting more.  I truly enjoyed the show, but I wish that it had been even longer. I would have loved to hear a few more of their older songs like “Tame Impala”. However, Cumming’s dynamic performance and the crowd’s lively energy made the show great.


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