Bleachers End “Gone Now” Tour with a Bang

By Julia Fields, Contributing Writer

On Monday, Bleachers played a sold out show at Terminal 5 on their Gone Now Tour, promoting their latest album release. This was the second to last show of the tour. The band showed their intense gratitude and joy to be playing there in the city where many of the band members call home today. The band was formed right across the river in Bergenfield, New Jersey and they were not shy to show their pride for the tri-state area.


The openers, Amy Shark and Bishop Briggs, were equally excited to be playing a sold out show in New York City. Both girls have such unique voices and sounds to their music and were able to pump up the crowd before the main event. There was not a second during the concert where the crowd was not jumping, clapping or dancing along.


With the crowd full of energy and anticipation, the time finally came for Bleachers to take the stage. Jack Antonoff, front man of the band, entered the stage clad in the costume he sports in the cover art for Gone Now, but soon switches for a classic jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, and Doc Martens. The show began with the first song on the album, Dream of Mickey Mantle. The entire crowd was belting their hearts out the minute the band started playing. It was clear that every person in the audience was ready to have an amazing night full of screaming and dancing even in a venue packed to the brim.


The concert continued as the band played the songs from “Gone Now” in the order that they appear on the album, with a few songs thrown in from their debut album, Strange Desire. At one point, Antonoff stopped the concert to sing Happy Birthday to his bandmate, Mike. One of his crewmembers entered the stage with a birthday cake littered with candle, which was then passed onto the crowd after the festivities were over.


With the beginning notes of every song, the crowd went wild with anticipation for what was to come. Most of the concert was upbeat and dancey, synonymous with the band’s indie pop vibe. However, Antonoff changed pace about midway through the show to sing an unplugged version of “Like A River Runs,” allowing the crowd to shout out the entire chorus. He constantly switched out different guitars to fit the mood of each particular song. The other band members played two sets of drums, two different keyboards, and two different saxophones. At one point, right before the closing of the show and the performance of their two most famous songs, Antonoff and his saxophonist faced off in a battle as the crowd went wild. This was during the ten minute performance of You’re Still a Mystery, a fan favorite on their first album. This led into their most famous song, “I Wanna Get Better”, when the crowd absolutely lost it.


The concert ended with “Don’t Take the Money,” their newest single off of “Gone Now”, which involved a ton of audience involvement and dancing. Antonoff continuously thanked the crowd for being there and his sincere gratitude for this opportunity was clear to see. Earlier in the show, Antonoff shared the origin story of the band as he found the one sound that made the silence a little less scary and anxiety inducing. It was this sound that helped him to write songs for his own band, as well as other notable artists like Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. This sound can be heard in almost every Bleachers song now. Overall, the concert was three hours of pure adrenaline without one dull moment. With an amazing voice singing amazing lyrics, and unmatchable musical accompaniment, one really cannot go wrong.


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