Nashville Rocker J. Marco on His Experience as an on the Rise Artist

By Amelia Reardon, Staff Writer

Marco is an up-and-coming rock artist from Nashville. Before his first public New York show, he sat down with WSN to discuss his music and what it’s like to be a solo artist. Marco recently made the move from Massachusetts to Nashville for his music.


“I went [to Nashville] for the first time on vacation after I graduated college in 2013 and I just loved it right off the bat and I was looking to get out of Massachusetts as quickly as I could anyway. So, it just kind of clicked for me. I just decided to do it. I didn’t really know anybody there. I just knew I wanted to do music and that seemed like the place,” Marco told WSN.


He quickly got to making music and after a quick run being in a band, Marco branched off and began to make his own music which he describes as,” hooky, energetic, rock pop” after being influenced by his past musical interests.


“I listened to a lot of Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. In my teen years I got into punk a lot and like the Strokes and all, so I feel like that all mushed into what we do.”


With his newly released album, Days of Surrender, being one full of angst and heartbreak, Marco described his songwriting process as the songs writing themselves.


“Usually they just appear while I’m playing guitar. I’ll just get an idea and just kind of work on it from there. They just put themselves together if I just keep trying. I don’t really have a process beyond just keep playing and wait for something to come together.”


Marco’s new album’s tone ranges from upbeat nostalgia pieces like “The Void” to darker pieces such as “Now that it’s Over.” The latter Marco describes as one of his favorites.


“I really like the tempo change. I really like the mood change. I’m actually happy with the lyrics.”


On Wednesday night, Marco played his second New York show (his first public one) at Rockwood music hall. When asked about his experience with performing, Marco explained the surreal, yet nervous, environment.


“When everything is sounding good band-wise, I can stop worrying about that for a second and sometimes it does feel like out of the body a bit, but yeah usually I’m somewhere between trying not to freak out and really enjoying it.”


Marco displayed his humorous side when told the interview had concluded.  

“I should have said something crazy. I feel like I didn’t say anything interesting!”

When asked what he would say if he could say anything and it be put into the interview, Marco quickly said,”Tell everyone to send me pictures of their dogs via facebook message. I love dogs. I’ll reblog every one.”
J. Marco’s album Days of Surrender is out now.


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