Charlotte Cardin Gets “Dirty, Dirty”

By Alexa Leo, Contributing Writer

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, 22 year old Charlotte Cardin is a model turned singer-songwriter that first received exposure in the music industry in 2013 by earning a spot within the Top 4 finalists of the Canadian “The Voice,” “La Voix.”

Sonically, Cardin’s voice is soulful and sultry, with clear jazz and R&B influences, but with a pop sounding and electronic twist. Lyrically, the singer-songwriter Cardin is reminiscent of Taylor Swift in her subject matter, of ex-boyfriend woes and repressed romantic feelings, as portrayed in both her debut EP “Big Boy” and recently released album “Main Girl.” With heavy sexual undertones and innuendos, Cardin also emulates renowned French singer, Serge Gainsborough.

At Cardin’s sold-out Brooklyn performance on Oct. 3 at Baby’s All Right, the Francois Hardy and Jane Birkin lookalike soothing, but effortlessly cool stage presence from the start came incredibly natural to her, as she was confident in her abilities to entertain the crowd. The mixed audience of long time fans, and soon-to-be new fans warmly welcomed her. Cardin began with her addictive song, “Talk, Talk” off of her celebrated 2016 debut EP, “Big Boy.” After the popular “Paradise Motion,” Cardin did a catchy adaption of “Like It Doesn’t Hurt,” a tune about a toxic relationship which was originally accompanied with a rap feature from a fellow Canadian, Husser. Pleasantly surprising, Cardin, along with her guitarist and drummer, performed a jazzed up cover of Post Malone’s song “Go Flex” that was an interesting juxtaposition to her previously performed tracks.

Cardin performed some of her newer material from her September released debut album “Main Girl,” which included songs that directly contrasted with the themes in the tracklist of the EP “Big Boy.” Melodies such as “Cali” celebrated happier times in Cardin’s life, and tell stories of healthier relationships, which effectively contrast but also combine the themes of the trials and tribulations of love throughout the album. Along with the album’s namesake, Cardin’s crooning of “Main Girl” tells the story of a love triangle from the perspective of a side chick, showcasing the triumphant take back of the other woman’s life after realizing she deserves more than to be anyone’s second choice. Cardin also sang a song that has yet to be released named  “Sin 7,”  about a tired relationship reaching its climax. Afterwards, Cardin and her bandmates played the crowd a pleaser, “Dirty Dirty,” recounting on Cardin’s desires for a taken, older man. To finish her set, Cardin returned to her French Canadian roots by performing the 2017 SOCAN Songwriting Awards nominated song, “Faufile” about a lost love that slips away, a fitting ending for a set that took us through the ups and downs of a relationship.

With an intoxicatingly charismatic stage presence and impressive debut full of endlessly relatable and sinfully fun songs, this is only the beginning for Charlotte Cardin.


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