Hump Day Update 10/11/17

Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean performed their song “Moments” together live, providing a calm moment and showing that they are a super zen couple, which felt like a nice image to lead with in light of it currently being midterms and everyone feeling anything but that.

This past week on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Amelia realized that her erratic behavior, resistance to making decisions that aren’t impulsive, and overall feeling of not having it together was not the result of her personality but instead a side effect of having a massive tumor on the left lobe on her brain — and yet she still had a lower records of error in surgeries than her brother, proving women are amazing (and now I’m totally terrified every time I get a headache and can’t think straight).

Bruno Mars had his birthday this past week, which brought out all of the stars to wish him the happiest of days, including Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. I mean, that’s not that much different from my birthday — well, at least we both hang out in our birthday suits on the day and feel real “Lazy” (does anyone else remember that song? And the MONKEY suits?).

Jon Stewart joined Stephen Colbert once again on “The Late Show” this week where he tried to find the upsides in President Trump’s behavior and come up with nice things to say about him. after the president boldly criticized late night hosts for being unfair (it’s not like there’s anything more important happening in the world). The only things the pair could come up with is that Trump was not a cannibal or Harvey Weinstein, and the bar fell so low it practically dropped to the ground.

In further Harvey Weinstein news, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” decided to cut all of their jokes about the news revealing Harvey Weinstein’s past with deeply inappropriate sexual behavior. I guess one of the ridiculous white men that run the show over there finally realized that there’s nothing funny about feeling violated.

On ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” Frankie Muniz revealed after being in bad race car accidents over the years, he doesn’t remember much of “Malcolm in the Middle,” the show that brought him fame. I guess if he really wants to relive puberty, he can always turn on Nickelodeon at three in the morning.

Ed Sheeran announced this week that the success of his song “Shape of You” has totally not grown old to him, and that he’s also totally not sick of performing it. That’s cool, Ed, but I am sick of hearing the song at the grocery store, when I’m trying to buy pants, in the bathroom at a concert value, and pretty much in every other freaking place in this world, so maybe it’s time for another hit?

“Hey Arnold” will be returning to television soon and the new show runners have announced that we are finally going to get to see what Arnold’s parents look like. All that means is someone finally figured out how to illustrate a woman who could possibly have a body elastic enough to birth a head in the shape of a football.

And finally, Charlie Puth has a new song out called “How Long,” where he sings very profusely about being regretful for having cheated on his dream girl when he was drunk. I regret whatever tune I checked out when tipsy that led to that boy’s music being on my Spotify Discovery last week. We all have skeletons in our cool closets…

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here again next Wednesday. Remember, NYU: I’m still furious about the unseasonably warm weather and that the government still believes climate change isn’t real.


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