Hump Day Update 10/4/17

By Rachel A.G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

The sisters of HAIM released a video this week for their song “Little Of Your Love” which features the girls line dancing with some pals in a California bar, looking effortlessly chic in jeans and t-shirts. It’s exactly the kind of thing I expect to happen when I go out but my expectations are rarely met.

On their season premiere on FOX, “The Simpsons” made a point of showing their support for victims of Hurricane Maria, which had devastated the island of Puerto Rico. So if a bunch of incompetent, foolish, yellow people can put aside their differences to do good, maybe an incompetent, foolish, orange person in the White House can also do the same?

In more Hurricane Maria efforts, Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll announced on “The Late Show” that for every photo of a celebrity during their awkward, puberty phase tweeted out, they will be donating $1000 to relief efforts. The pair also shared their pics from back in those days, and I am not at all ashamed to say I think Stephen was just as much a stud muffin then as he is now.

Fans think Demi Lovato’s song “Ruin the Friendship” was inspired by Nick Jonas, the star’s longtime friend and co-star, singing about wanting to cross lines. Well, you know what they say about desires that arise at summer camps (anyone remember “Camp Rock”?).

MTV brought back “TRL” this week, but in the reboot the show did not go about its usual feature of counting down the top videos of the day, bumming some fans out. I guess the kids these days just don’t care about standings – must be all those participation trophies we were given growing up.

P!nk has a new track out, “Beautiful Trauma,” which might sound a little bit like a Bleachers track since Jack Antonoff co-wrote the track. Damn, I guess Antonoff is just a sucker for strong, kick-ass women. There could be worse things…

Larry David is back with the return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO, where he is back to his old antics and pleasing fans alike. But I swear, if I have to hear one more of my friends make the ridiculous joke that this season is looking “pretty…pretty…pretty good,” I’m going to find David and tell him to stop appealing to twenty-something fanboys (if that’s even possible).

Maroon 5 and SZA have a new video out for their song, “What Lovers Do,” which features singing flowers, squirrels, and deer and like, every climate imaginable. If you ever wondered what would happen if someone got high and started using CGI techniques, you now have the answer.

“American Idol” reboot stories continue to be popular, with this week Lionel Richie being announced as the third judge of the upcoming season of the show, joining Luke Bryan and Katy Perry as the program makes its move from FOX to ABC for a reportedly for “ABC version.” I’m assuming that means Shonda Rhimes is producing and everyone will have to wear Mickey Mouse ears at some point?

And finally, on a sad note, we mourn the loss of Tom Petty this week, who passed away in Malibu at the age of sixty-six, which came on the same day as the latest most fatal shooting in the United States in Las Vegas. Perhaps in the darkness of another American, our lawmakers can take the advice of another rocker who passed and say they “Won’t Back Down” on fighting for effective gun control legislation.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here again next Wednesday. If you don’t get an infection associated with your wisdom teeth and lose your wallet without the same forty-eight hours, your week is better than mine, NYU!


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