VÉRITÉ Exhibits Stamina, Grace, and Passion

By Robert Frezza, Contributing Writer

Singer/songwriter, Kelsey Byrne, otherwise known by her stage name, VÉRITÉ, played a free show at Public Arts following a sold-out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday night with stamina, grace, and passion.

VÉRITÉ was born in Orange County, New York, but is now based in Brooklyn. While her style of music is eclectic, it is moody, ethereal, and so emotional it can strike a chord with anyone. “That’s how I’d like people to respond to my music.”

The songbird christened herself with the name VÉRITÉ after a self-imposed deadline on Google. VÉRITÉ means truth in French. Byrne’s father was a rock musician, which helped guide her own path in music.

“I’ve always been laser focused on pursuing music. Once I saw a realistic path to making it a career, I was all in.” Following a ten-year career as a waitress, the singer’s break came. Her first single “Strange Enough” was released in 2014.

Three years later, she released her first full length album entitled Somewhere In Between.

“I approached the initial writing similar to my EPs, but took a much more active role in finalizing productions and executive producing the album. I got to spend more time with this album.”

Byrne’s vocals are what give listeners goosebumps from head to toe.

“I never had formal vocal training until last year when I started consistently touring.” Her soaring vocals range in octave and can be compared to Adele’s. VÉRITÉ’s inspiration, though, is making meaning in living.

“It seems really broad, but I tend to have a very macro perspective on existence which can throw me into some deep existential crises. My nonstop mind provides limitless inspiration.”

The singer’s first single off Somewhere In Between, “Phase Me Out” is a haunting melodic tune that at first listen one would assume is about an ex-boyfriend.

“None of my songs are specifically about an ex or a specific relationship. There are subtle shades in some songs, but never the whole thing. “Phase Me Out” is just a question of whether or not a situation is worth putting time into.”

VÉRITÉ’s new full-length album Somewhere In Between is out now.



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