Hump Day Update: 9/6/17

By Rachel A.G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.
ABC has chosen to use Taylor Swift’s latest single “Look What You Made Me Do” in two of their promos for upcoming fall programming – both the main slate and the Shondaland productions – which proves they either have had to listen to the track so many times they’ve forgotten that it’s actually really terrible, or they paid so much for the rights that they’ll need to justify its usage well into the holiday months.
In more optimistic news, Sam Smith is going to be releasing a new single, “Too Good At Goodbyes,” very soon, which is great because I’ve grown tired of crying to the new Adele album and would really like to mix things up.
The biggest show of the summer was without question “Game of Thrones,” which recently ended and left people with lots of questions and a new slew of predictions for the way yet to come Season 8. My only question is when my friends will run out of memes from the show to text me to perfectly articulate any given situation.
Avril Lavigne also announced that she is going to be putting out a new album in the coming months, taking the extra time to make sure it is perfect for fans. I thought maybe it was taking longer because there’s some legitimacy to the Avril Lavigne death conspiracy theory and it’s not really her voice on the track, but sure, perfectionism is a likely story.
My new favorite show of the summer was Freeform’s “The Bold Type,” which tells the story of three women working at a women’s interest magazine where they get to go on dates to write stories, hang out in the fashion closet, and act like not having finalized their career plans by the age of twenty-five is a real problem. Oh, if only magazine life in New York City were half as glamorous…
Niall Horan is on the road for his first solo tour, which he kicked off by performing a One Direction song. Just in case you were curious as to whether anyone else was still not  over the split, know you’re in sweet, Irish company.
In “Grey’s Anatomy” news (because someone other than me must still be watching), Tess Ferrer – Doctor Leah Murphy – is set to depart from the show once more, but no word on whether or not her character is going to be fired again. Isn’t saving lives enough drama for these people?
Monday was Beyoncé’s birthday – “Bey Day” – and to celebrate, Jay-Z had the crowd at his Made In America performance sing “Happy Birthday” in her honor. So if you had any doubts that this power couple wasn’t #relationshipgoals, maybe they have finally dispelled those thoughts from your brain.
And finally, the next installment of “American Horror Story” has arrived, taking on the idea of cults in a post-election apocalyptic universe where killer clowns arise out of the Trump presidency and terrify the already scared left-wingers who believe the end of the world is upon us with the new man in charge. The real kicker is that real life clowns from the World Clown Association (very much real) are worried about the backlash they’ll receive from viewers of the show. And honestly, it’ll probably be a lot like how everyone’s reacting to Mr. Trump in general: a couple of days of fear, anger, and criticism, before moving on until the next crazy antic.
Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here again next Wednesday, and good luck, NYU!



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