A Sleepover With gnash

By Veronica Liow, Multimedia Editor

A sleepover should feel cozy — intimate due to not only the proximity but also what is shared within that close gathering. And gnash’s “The Sleepover Tour,” on April 19 at Irving Plaza was just that.

With a multitude of smaller artists as openers for the night, the show was able to cater towards the small musical differences of audience members’ tastes while simultaneously creating coherence under one larger genre.

Tulpa and BLANKTS helped build the cozy ambience. Their free-flowing music and how clearly comfortable they were jamming to their music on the stage invited audience members to do the same. Imad Royal, altered the atmosphere slightly when he jumped around on stage, pumping up the venue. At one point, gnash joined him for his song “Bad 4 U,” and the crowd roared with excitement. And on stage, WRENN’s metallic jacket shone as much as her. Her songs brought the upbeat environment back to a more mellow one, as she talked about shared experiences of untrue friendships. Through connecting with her audience, she helped form a bond — one that was true to one that would be found at a sleepover.

Of the beginning lineup, MAX was the most distinguished as a performer. His wild antics further loosened up the crowd, as he climbed the speakers and jumped down, almost colliding with some audience members. Claiming New York, his hometown, to be the best of all cities, MAX pushed the audience members to lose their voices as they sang along with him to “Savage.” MAX’s unique groove as a performer is surely not one to forget.

The connection these smaller artists made with audience members were much more intimate, foreshadowing what was to later come. As the last opener, Sweater Beats, tweaked electronic dance music by adding his personal taste, fans were ready for the main host of the sleepover: gnash.

041817_Gnash_Veronica Liow_1
Photos by Veronica Liow.

Audience members stared in awe when gnash suddenly appeared under a cozy tent. The setting was phenomenal, filled with a purple, pink and blue pastel palette. The off-white piano to the right of the tent seemed like it was something to be seen in a fantasy. In fact, the entire stage did. With windows in which animated butterflies flew across a grassy field, the stage seemed surreal. “The Sleepover Tour” delivered the sleepover the crowd was anticipating beyond their expectations.

When gnash left the tent, he came forth towards the audience, allowing his smooth vocals to resonate through the venue. Throughout the show, he moved the audience with music made to make listeners feel. He sang of heartache and heartbreak with “Tell Me It’s Okay” and his cover of Blink 182’s “I Miss You.” His side chats in between songs created an intimate environment, as he discussed true friendships and their priceless worth.

When MAX came back on to share the stage with gnash for “Lights Down Low,” the crowd saw a balance of the wild performer and the more mellow one. They grooved together — their voices compatible in the making. It was clear through this shared performance and previous ones that the other artists in the lineup were friends, performing and collaborating in a way that clearly showcases the musical chemistry gnash has with others.

For his last performance, gnash sang “i hate u, i love you,” his most infamous track. He invited the other artists onto the stage, truly encompassing what “The Sleepover Tour” means. And it wasn’t just the artists who jammed out together; the crowd joined, as all sang along and grooved to gnash’s music.

“The Sleepover Tour,” was one to remember. Though gnash will not be returning to New York for the rest of his tour, fans can look forward to his wide array of current singles and collaborations with other artists.


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