Dua Lipa Rocks & Rolls in DC

By Jordan Reynolds, Highlighter Editor

Dua Lipa may not have an actual album out yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from headlining her first North American tour this month. Her stop at the Rock & Roll hotel in Washington, DC on Sunday was one of 15 shows on the tour, and it was a mesmerizing event.

Lipa, U.K. born-and-raised, is 21 and unafraid to act her age onstage. Her dance moves were both sweet and sensual — mirroring the juxtaposition of her thick leather choker with her jean skirt and yellow tank top — as she performed some of her hits such as “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “No Lie”; during “Room For 2,” her simple choreographed hand gestures accompanied the chorus, following the directions the chorus gave — “up and down,” “push and shove,” “knock, knock, knock,” etc.

Photos by Jordan Reynolds.

The small venue allowed for an extremely intimate setting, one that Lipa did not fail to utilize during “Be The One,” employing a call and response-type interaction for the bridge of the song. Lipa’s confidence is what truly sells her performance, because she’s aware that the audience knows that she is extremely talented at what she’s doing, and that confidence shines through in every note.

Self-described as “dark pop,” Dua Lipa’s sound is intrinsically unique; unlike, say, Halsey or Melanie Martinez, she puts her own spin on the alt-pop genre, not shying away from poppy beats that are elevated by her fervent vocals.

The aesthetic of Lipa’s overall look is not to be ignored; she donned a silver sparkly jean jacket and whipped her ponytail around to her heart’s content. For all of the confidence in the world, it’s still evident that she’s not used to the fame just yet, if only for her giddy smiles at the end of each song.

The concert attracted fans young and old, and it goes without saying that Dua Lipa is just getting started; her self-titled debut album drops this summer, amid a number of festival appearances to follow.

Dua Lipa’s debut album is expected on June 2. Stream her music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Email Jordan Reynolds at highlighter@nyunews.com.



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