The Revival of JapandroidS

By Veronica Liow, Deputy Multimedia Editor

Having been out of the spotlight for three years, Japandroids, a Vancouver-based rock band, reinstates their presence on the stage with a powerful performance at Terminal 5 on Feb. 25.

The return of Japandroids with their new album, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life,” which released on Jan. 27, sparked a newfound interest in the Canadian duo. This was made clear by the size of the crowd, which filled up the venue on the ground floor and even on the upper levels.

With songs like “The House That Heaven Built” and “No Known Drink Or Drug,” audience members could not help but sing along whilst bobbing their heads to the beat. Japandroids showcased their exemplary skills in interacting with the audience, as they pumped up the crowd before transitioning from one song to another.

The audience members were not the only ones full of passion for the mind-striking rock music. Through the the facial expressions of Brian King — guitarist and vocalist — and David Prowse — drums and vocalist — it was evident that the pair had their hearts in the music as well. King was constantly moving around stage, creating a presence for himself as he let loose by shaking his head to the pounding beat that Prowse maintained throughout the concert. The atmosphere Japandroids created allowed members of the audience to let go of their worries and focus on the music, as they older fans in the audience bonded through their nostalgic love of the revived band.

Photos by Veronica Liow.

At one point in the show, King invited the audience members to sing along to a song, noting that the words they really only needed to know were “North South East West,” which he then continued to play. The entirety of the venue screamed along. Though of various age groups, the crowd was able to find unity through the music of Japandroids.

Perhaps what made the performance much more enticing was the clever use of lights. The variations of purple, blue and yellow — to name a few — entertained the eyes of even those who have not had a history with the band prior to their revival. The use of strobe lights in sync with the music, more specifically the rhythm of the beats, showcased that the Japandroids were back and ready to give it their all not only in their music but also in their performances. The audience asked, and they clearly delivered.

The revival of Japandroids proves to be a positive impact in the world of music, as their unique contribution to the genre of rock continues to offer fans — both old and new — an experience impossible to forget.


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