Lana Del Rey’s “Love” Is Out of This World

By Sherah Ndjongo, Contributing Writer

After taking a break following the release of her latest studio album “Honeymoon in 2015, the indie music’s queen Lana Del Rey has broken her musical silence with the sudden drop of the lead single from her upcoming album “Love.” Typical of a Lana Del Rey hit, the song is composed of a familiar mashup of a melodramatic instrumental and cinematic influences with hauntingly beautiful vocals. Altogether, the track evokes the distinct sense of nostalgia that the singer is known for.

Del Rey doesn’t attempt to break down musical boundaries — once again, as the song title suggests, the track delves into a subject she has explored a number of times before when she sings about being “young and in love.” However, this predictability doesn’t necessarily hold a negative connotation when lyrically comparing “Love” to her earlier music.

This time around, she steps out of the narrative, instead placing her recurring reference to “you kids” at the center of the story. This is a happy tale as well, which can be added to one of the rare times Del Rey trades in her tragic musings for a optimistic account. She adopts a more positive and romanticized spin on young love, promoting a tune of hope and bliss.

As expected, the music video for “Love” was released shortly after the song came out. Sticking with her usual vintage theme and elements of classic Americana imagery, Del Rey is seen performing with a band in a mystical dream-like territory. Continuing with her penchant for old science fiction films and the 1970s, the video alternates between black-and-white footage and muted, washed-out colors.

The video revolves around a rather adventurous plot, switching between Del Rey’s eye-locking stage performance and scenes of vibrant young couples embarking on a roadtrip that quickly turns into a entertaining space exploration. It complements the song itself as the idealistic space-themed visuals effectively portray the message of the joy and power of young love that is enough to make you want to fly to the moon.

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