SHY GIRLS at Music Hall of Williamsburg

By Ekaterina Vlasov, Contributing Writer

On Friday Feb. 10, Portland-based R&B artist Shy Girls performed at Music Hall of Williamsburg, supported by openers NOYA and Flamingosis. All three acts displayed the power and diversity of electronic music. Noya’s hauntingly clear and beautiful vocals opened the show, blending traditional Spanish sounds with classic dance beats to create something truly transcendental. Flamingosis, a Jersey native, was the true surprise of the night, getting the audience moving with his innovative remixes of popular hip-hop with 70’s funk and disco beats.

Shy Girls, the stage name of David Vidmar, is an American singer-songwriter who gained the media’s attention in 2013 for his single “Under Attack” — a song many girls in the audience screamed for him to perform. Shy Girls’ style is indie R&B, combining sincere slow vocals with soft electronic beats. The performance was a testament to Vidmar’s dynamic vocal range, as well as an homage to 80’s dance pop with its use of saxophone and echoing guitar riffs. The mood was completed with a The 1975-esque hazy light show. The only downside to the performance was the ear-shattering bass, which overshadowed the rest of the musicians and made it uncomfortable to listen to the show.

Shy Girls is the perfect slow jam music for night driving or falling in love. Check out his recently released album “Salt,” available to stream on Spotify.

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