Hump Day Update: 2/8/17

By Rachel A.G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Chance the Rapper released his video for “Same Drugs” this week which featured a duet with a very large puppet. It’s cool that he’s so into children’s imagery lately, and as long as he keeps the “Arthur” characters that he was singing with last week out of it, I will be able to sleep at night (kind of — I’m still afraid of puppets).

Freeform’s “Switched at Birth” has returned for its final season and has placed characters Bay and Travis into a loving relationship, though fans are not sure for how long since Bay’s ex-boyfriend and Travis’s former best friend, Emmet, is waiting in the wings to try and win Bay back. In general, though, it’s a pretty fair assessment to say your relationship won’t last if you’re a character in a teen drama.

Ansel Elgort decided he was tired of being cast in John Green movies and is now working on his music career, releasing his first music this week. Instead of looking for talent for the video, he cast his real life longtime girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan, in the love interest role, so basically now the whole world knows how pretty they look while taking a bath together instead of having to speculate.

The final season of “Girls” premiered this week and the cast has been doing some major reflecting while on their press tour, thinking about the future of the show and how it has changed television. I mean, it showed four barely-diverse women gallivanting around New York City looking for sex and love while making numerous mistakes, which would’ve been pretty revolutionary had “Sex and the City” not come out 20 years beforehand.

Taylor Swift did what some are thinking might be her only performance of 2017, playing a 16-song set in Houston before the Super Bowl. People are a little surprised to see her performing, but if she doesn’t break out the glittery dresses every year, she loses her trademark on them.

On SNL this week, women took center stage when Kristen Stewart accidentally dropped the F-bomb during her monologue and Melissa McCarthy impersonated Sean Spicer in one of the funniest parodies of the year. President Trump, of course, responded via Twitter to the representation of his Press Secretary, which was immediately turned into new content for the show to use next week. This might be the best thing we get out of a Trump presidency, folks.

Beyoncé, who we all know is pregnant with the twins from the photos  who seem to be the next saviors of this bad year, is reported to be performing at the Grammys. Yes, her babies have already lived a more fulfilling life than the rest of us.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” just released that its second season will drop on Halloween this year, though fans had a hay day trying to decode an image of an old weather report that the show posted on its Twitter account during the Super Bowl, thinking that the barometer readings and temperatures were code for a sooner date. Hey, that show is creepy enough without them finding more ways to link it to everyday life.

And finally, sports and music collided this week when people sat down to watch the Super Bowl, or as some were calling it, the Lady Gaga concert. A few critics were less than impressed with Gaga’s performance at halftime, thinking that she went a little too safe. I’d like to see them try to sing their biggest hits while doing an acrobatic routine from the ceiling of a football stadium — if only for a laugh.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next Wednesday. Stay dry, NYU.


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