Get Sensual with Homeboys of Binary Code

By Daniela Tesfaie, Contributing Writer

For those who have yet to delve into the world of progressive metal, Binary Code’s a great place to start. The group of NJ/NY-based gentlemen strike a perfect balance between ambiance and heaviness with their sophomore album “Moonsblood” that recently received a new digipack release. The band’s formula is not peculiarly complex; instead it relies on a world of instruments and a masterful blend of vocals and growls by Oded Weinstock.

Binary Code was founded in 2004 by its current guitarist Jesse Zuretti, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the band released its debut full-length album “Suspension of Disbelief.” “Every recording that we’ve ever done has been a creative turning point,” says Zuretti. “When I started the band I just knew that I wanted to be in the band. I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t really quite understand what I was doing on guitar at that time so writing a riff just kind of was my way of paying homage to the bands that I liked.”

This approach has changed tremendously since Binary Code’s inception in 2004. “I actually stopped listening to music when I wrote “Moonsblood.” I wouldn’t listen to anything really because I didn’t want it to affect what I was doing. I’m actually still discovering albums that came out the year I wrote it! The end result is the music that kind of came naturally. I had to be in a mindset, and I had to come up with music based on how I was feeling at that time and what I was going through.”

The difference in sound and direction of the band becomes clear when comparing Suspension with Binary Code’s sophomore album “Moonsblood.” Moving away from technicality, “Moonsblood” evolves into atmospheric moodiness. The tracks incorporate masterfully layered grooviness of guitar riffs with frantic rhythms, creating beautiful cosmic soundscapes that reminisce the summer nights under the starry skies out in the open. This otherworldly experience is appropriately topped with stellar cover art to match.

Binary Code has gained their following through consistent live performances. This was very important for the band because apart from creating expertly crafted music, these gentlemen perplex their audience with a contagious sense of unity and flow. Zuretti pins this on the fact that the band is his family. “I found dudes who are my friends — the tour that we did back in December, I was telling people at work, ‘I can’t wait to hang out.’ At this point, this is the funnest part – I like to hang out with my dudes. And that comes with respecting just about every aspect of the band. I respect their input on everything…There’s no dictatorship going on. We all have a say.”

When onstage, the guys move in unison and exchange nods and smiles with each other and back at the audience. Every show is something far more special than a regular performance or an attempt to present musical content. It’s a genuine exchange of musical creativity, the world of riffs and shredding shamelessly poured out on a listener. The band establishes a personal connection with its crowd, leading dozens on a journey to creativity and ultimate badassery. This is the kind of metal that is sensual, personal and weirdly, very familiar in a sense that you can’t help but feel an inexplicable connection.

Anyone who follows Binary Code on their creative track will relate to them as if they’re your homeboys. What you’ll witness before you is a group of talented musicians following their dreams, burning up with passion and determination that opens the gate into the unpredictable world of metal.
You can get familiar with the band on their Bandcamp page:


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