XO Striking Love in the Hearts of Fans

By Sabeena Singhani, Contributing Writer

On Nov. 18 at Baby’s All Right down in Brooklyn, emerging new indie pop band Nightly came out just minutes before hip-hop artist K.Flay. Their lead singer Jonathan Capeci worked the stage, the audience mimicking his movements, warming up to his sway of electronic glaze and pop repeats. Started with his cousin, Joey Beretta, Nightly has only seen the beginning with their hit “XO” on their newly released EP, “Honest.” The EP, aptly named, reflects a true and relatable experience with love.

In an interview, Capeci told WSN about his roots and music influence, stating that his aim for incredibly personal “No Vacancy” was to “make it as true and real as possible,” the song echoing a love that no longer had any space. The cousins are originally from Philadelphia, but they spent time in Nashville developing their stage presence.

Nashville, a city known for its country music presence, proved itself useful for the artists. Capeci said how there was “an energy in the city you could feel.” Clearly, Nashville paid off for Nightly; their music made it quickly onto Nashville’s ALT 98.3 FM and spreading from there. Capeci also told WSN about his time in college, staying up with Joey and making music until four or five in the morning. Nightly’s dedication shines through, the cousins going from college to Nashville to follow their dream. “Honest” shows their naivety, their individuality and everything that makes Nightly the incredibly precocious game-changers that they are.

Currently, Nightly is working on their full-length album, citing influences such as Colony House and Leagues, two bands that learned to manage the alt pop genre, rising to popularity with their also accurate depiction of relationships and their personal experience. That seems to be the most admirable thing in today’s pop music — our culture moving toward the need to hear unfiltered, original encounters with all forms of love. And Capeci spoke to the reality of love, discussing his family’s support of his and Joey’s career, the stuff they put up with “practicing in the basement, making awful music.”

As for Nightly’s future, this is clearly just the beginning for the cousins, who show all the signs of the next big alt pop breakthrough, Capeci weaving through the stage, Beretta’s mastery of the guitar shining through. Their honest approach to music and the subjects they write about is bound to spread, and Nightly is definitely ready for it.

Email Sabeena Singhani at music@nyunews.com. 


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