Pages with Patel, XI: Posman Books

By Nishtha Patel, Contributing Writer

Nestled inside Chelsea Market, Posman Books features an eclectic collection of books and gifts. Its bright green walls reflect the trendy and cheerful atmosphere of the store, where customers are eagerly searching the shelves and employees are singing along to the radio.IMG_9256.JPG

In the front, there is a wide selection of non-fiction lining the walls and the tables in the middle. An impressive collection of planners, notebooks, greeting cards and calendars stands next to the cash register, where there are more trinkets to discover.

Towards the back, there is a large selection of art books, fiction and coloring books. Interspersed among the books, there are little knick-knacks and gifts, such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can full of crayons and tote bags with quotes about reading. There are even art supplies, pens, children’s books and toys.

As one of the two locations in Manhattan (the other is at Rockefeller Center), Posman Books is hip and affordable in the midst of trendy Chelsea. Despite the fact that the Grand Central location closed 2 years ago, Posman remains optimistic and unfaltering. The main attraction is not only the books but also the vast assortment of gifts and non-book items. It matches the vibrant mood of Chelsea Market and offers an exciting trove of books and more.  


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