Review: “Jon Glaser Loves Gear”

By Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer

From camping to biking, actor Jon Glaser loves his gear and his new truTV fake reality show is a testament to not only that, but Glaser’s weirdly hilarious comic style. “Jon Glaser Loves Gear” is his latest creation, starring himself, and was released on Oct. 26 with the back-to-back release of the first two episodes.

Recognizable for his stint as Councilman Jamm in “Parks and Recreation” and his role in “Trainwreck,” Glaser again brings to the screen a bizarre, nearly obnoxious character so unapologetic in his loudness that’s it’s impossible not to laugh out loud and still harder to turn away from the screen. The show follows Glaser acquiring gadgets and gear for his daily adventure, from buying a watch that his wife said is “too much watch” for him, to perusing biking equipment. The show is very ridiculous, much like the title suggests.

In both of the first two episodes, the main character starts out with his sidekick Gear-i, a version of the virtual assistant Siri, but for gear. The gadget is excited about Glaser’s gear, and even more excited about putting it in action along with his trusty “expert,” who Glaser calls “‘spert.”

Yet life seems to trample all over Glaser’s plans, mostly due to his own obnoxious tendencies. When his wife refuses to go camping with him and his precious gear because he repeatedly sticks cameras in her face after she asked him not to, he is forced to cast an actress to play his wife. He casts a pretty Icelandic woman for the role, but it backfires when he finds out that she spent the night in his ‘spert and his wife’s tent. He promptly fires the ‘spert for sleeping with his fake wife.

In the second episode Glaser again irritates his wife, then proceeds to his office with Gear-i, who manages to write a screenplay about a bike messenger in a post-apocalyptic world. Glaser is so taken by the script that he makes and stars in its film adaptation, clips of which are shown in the show, with guest stars Janeane Garofalo and Michael Shannon.

The absurdity continues as Glaser does a pitch for a Kickstarter for the movie, makes it to Cannes, and is bought by Sony on the condition that Glaser’s part as the bike messenger be played by Ryan Gosling, as demanded by the writer — who, remember, is the virtual assistant Gear-i.

Quirky and weird, this blatantly confident character who is loud and obnoxious even as betrayals and disappointments come crashing his way makes “Jon Glaser Loves Gear” addictive for its ridiculousness and ability to take the audiences far from reality.


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