Pages With Patel, X: Mercer Street Books

By Nishtha Patel, Contributing Writer

Located right on the NYU campus, Mercer Street Books (Mercer Street and Bleecker Street) is the perfect place to stop by in between classes to grab a book or peruse the shelves. They also buy books back so you can make some extra cash by selling that copy of Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” that has been gathering dust on your shelf since freshman year.

Photo by Caitlin Kelmar.

Inside, there is more than meets the eye in this quintessential New York bookshop. Expanding far into the back, Mercer Street Books features a well-stocked collection of fiction, history, poetry, literary criticism and more. In the center, there is an impressive record collection. Brimming with books, the shelves are packed, the floors are lined with stacks. There is so much to discover.

As a second-hand bookstore, nearly everything is affordable. From Harry Potter books priced at $5 a piece to $6 Tolstoy books, this is the perfect bookshop for the college budget. There are books in any genre and subject you can imagine.

Amid New York’s vanishing independent bookstore community, Mercer Books remains resolute. It has been in business for 25 years and shows no sign of leaving anytime soon as it approaches its third decade. Impressively, all the employees are writers so this is a perfect place to shop for books and get to know New York’s tight-knight, book-lover community.

And maybe the next time you need that Penguin Classic for class, skip out ordering from Amazon and try Mercer Streets Books instead—you’ll be surprised at what you may find.


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