Hump Day Update: 11/02/2016

By Rachel A.G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson might be heading uptown to the courthouse with recent claims that the duo stole their hit song “Uptown Funk” from a 1983 single put out by Minneapolis funk act Collage. Sounds like they might be getting funked up in a whole different kind of way.

More exclusive clips from the “Gilmore Girls” reboot on Netflix came out this weekend at Entertainment Weekly’s Popfest, including one where Luke and Emily seem to be butting heads about something. Seasons come and go, actors may require more makeup to look younger, but something always stay the same, I guess.

Also at Popfest this week, a little show from ABC called “Happy Endings” remembered it still has a slew of fans when the creators were questioned about the ambiguous ending of the program. After the cast reunited for a live performance that featured a lot of unnecessary fighting and crazy plotlines, it was shown that it is possible the entire premise of the show was nothing but a dream—proving no one has learned anything about how not to end series after the disaster that was “How I Met Your Mother.”

Lady Gaga has now completed her dive bar tour so that she can move on to performing in the arenas we know she can sell out faster than we can think of catchy captions for our Halloween Instagrams, but she ended the cute marketing ploy in Los Angeles by crowd surfing and singing her heart out, or in other words, how most of us spend our drunken weekends in bars, anyway.

CBS premiered “Pure Genius” this week about a brilliant man who opens a medical facility for patients who otherwise wouldn’t be treated (think “Grey’s Anatomy” meets “The Mentalist”), but critics question if it’s really worth keeping around. For the sake that it features intelligent men with nice hair, I’m down for giving it at least a couple more episodes.

If you were worried that DNCE was out of ridiculous things to write about, don’t fret, for their new single “Blown” will, well, blow your worries away, for it’s literally about all of the sexy things that come to mind when a guy talks about getting blown away. So if your parents hear it on the radio, just let them think it’s got something to go with balloons.

In the latest “American Horror Story,” the show celebrated Halloween by giving Sarah Paulson double duty when she plays two characters this season: Audrey and Lana from a previous season. This is exciting and all, but I’m more curious as to whether or not she is going to get paid double duty for the increase in work—#equality.

Kanye West had his say in the supposed fight between Drake and Kid Cudi this week when it was released he was the producer of the track Drake supposedly released in response to the beef. Well, Kanye is the person who seems to support perpetuating drama, isn’t that right, T-Swift?

And finally, it was Halloween this week, and celebrities everywhere dressed up (and some of us dressed up like celebrities), including the cast of the Today Show on NBC. If you didn’t get their costumes, don’t worry, I Googled it: they were supposed to be celebrating the 90s, otherwise known as when they were all younger and still had the promise of being on GMA, the true best morning show.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next Wednesday.


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