Preview: “Limit of Love” – Boy & Bear

By Dyanna Fleites-Cruz, Contributing Writer

Take a nice study break from your horrible impending midterms next Tuesday and head over to the Highline Ballroom because Boy & Bear are performing and you’re not going to want to miss it. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Australian indie rock-folk band is continuing their year of touring since the release of their most recent album, “Limit of Love,” which was released almost a year ago.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Killian Gavin, one of the lead singers and guitarist of the band. Born in Ireland, his family moved to Australia when he was two-years-old and grew up in Sydney. It was as Macquarie University that he met the men that he would ultimately create Boy & Bear with: David Hosking, Tim Hart, Jonathan Hart and David Symes. Originally performing together as part of three different bands, Tim and Killian noticed David Hosking performing by himself and decided to help out. They did a few shows together, began songwriting and the rest just happened naturally.

“As a band, we have always found inspiration in the Beatles and The Rolling Stones,” said Gavin. “Personally, as a guitarist, I have always found the guitarist in Fleetwood Mac [Lindsey Buckingham] to be absolutely inspirational.” His influence from Fleetwood Mac is apparent particularly in Boy & Bear’s 2013 album, “Harlequin Dream.” Of all the venues that they have played at, Gavin said that performing at the Sydney Opera House was an absolutely unforgettable moment. In terms of the most memorable shows they have played on tour, the Red Rock Amphitheatre near Morrison, Colorado was one of his most memorable moments in Boy & Bear.

Something unique about their most recent album, “Limit of Love,” is that they wanted to really capture the live performance of the band now that they were more established. Therefore, no computers were used to mix or auto tune or edit any of the songs on the album. They used a 1960s tape recorder, took one take without stopping, and performed their songs together. “We wanted to capture that energy we had in that setting and capture it on a record,” said Gavin. “The best way, we thought, of doing that was to really go old school and just hit record, get the band together, and play.”
At their upcoming show, you can expect music from both their older album and the new, which will really give you a good idea of what they are about if you haven’t checked them out yet. Every show is different and they change the setlist every night, so it’ll be a bit different than what they have previously done. They are currently focusing on touring, so they are writing more than anything. Boy & Bear usually tries to work on twenty or so songs and then narrows them down to 5-10 ideas to work on in order to create a new album. All in all, if you are looking for new music and to take a break from studying this week, definitely add this show to your list of things to do and you will not regret it.


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