Hump Day Update: 08/17/2016

By Rachel A. G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

In late night television news, Comedy Central pulled the plug on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” this week with the last episode happening tomorrow after poor ratings. A gag on the show is often about the “unblackening” of America in the media, but maybe they didn’t think it was going to hit quite so close to home.

Because you’re probably missed the Kardashians spin-off shows where they randomly went on vacation for months at a time, Ryan Seacrest has the answer for you with “Rob & Chyna,” about the journey of brother Rob and his fiancé Blac Chyna as they prepare for marriage and their first child. It’s about time Rob got some attention – this family might be the only viable case of reverse sexism in the world.

It wouldn’t be summer without a song, but we haven’t been able to find an official one yet. Jason Derulo tried to solve that problem this week with his video for “Kiss The Sky,” which takes place at a booming pool party. And of course, it has girls in short shorts with nice butts – this is Jason Derulo, after all.

Whether you’re feeling their coverage or not, NBC has a monopoly on the 2016 Summer Olympics and have been showing you everything from Simone Biles’ total domination of gymnastics to Michael Phelps’ last Olympic race of his career. But the more interesting thing has been to see the Today Show hosts getting increasingly “sick” during the week and not showing up to watch the games (also known as taking advantage of their paid work vacation and going to the beach instead).

Ariana Grande is itching to get some new music out since she’s been out of the news for a bit. She previewed potential tracks on Snapchat this week for fans to listen to and even hinted at partnering up with Diplo, and if you just add in the inability to have face-to-face conversations and crushing student debt, you have everything I hate about my generation in one story!

Chance the Rapper made his morning television debut on Monday when he was interviewed by Robin Roberts and then performed on “Good Morning America.” I guess you know you’ve really made it when you’re singing for a demographic that is probably squinting at their television and asking their kids “what’s that racket?”

“SNL” is cleaning house as Lorne Michaels fired Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah last week despite both having another year in their contracts. I’m not sure what Michaels is thinking, but I feel like he fired the wrong dudes. Killam and Pharoah do resemble the totally unfunny Weekend Update duo of Colin Jost and Michael Che.

It looks as if Drake may be in the market to drop a short film after posting screenshots of something on Instagram with the captains “PLEASE FORGIVE ME.” It’d be the first real music video for his latest album “Views,” and perhaps a slight compensation for recently making his throngs of female fans stand outside an Urban Outfitters pop-up shop in extreme heat for his merchandise.

And finally, if some of you were thinking ahead to winter in this summer heat, you’d be like Adele, who said this week that she would not be performing at the Super Bowl in part because she doesn’t dance. I mean, neither could Chris Martin of Coldplay, but hey, that didn’t stop him from trying, did it?

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next Wednesday. Stay cool, NYU!


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