Hump Day Update: 05/11/2016

hump day update
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By Rachel A. G. Gilman, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Meghan Trainor premiered her video for her song “Me Too” then immediately took it down from the web when she realized she had been extremely Photoshopped in the production. I mean, I guess no one took her lyrics to “make it stop” in “All About That Bass” all that seriously.

This past Sunday was the series finale of “The Good Wife,” which felt like a real slap in the face to loyal fans (both literally and metaphorically #spoileralert). No one was happy, nothing much was resolved, and I felt confused about why I’d wasted an hour of my life – so basically the same reaction I had after every one of my philosophy classes this past semester.

Pop-punk fans, get out your wallets because this summer with be the last for the band Motion City Soundtrack as they set out on one final tour. I guess you’ll be able to say their voice will be the soundtrack of your summer, seeing as it’s also the ten-year anniversary of Boys Like Girls’ first album (I hope that reference isn’t too dated).

On ABC’s “Quantico” this past week, we finally found out who the traitor was after months of misleading clues. Next week’s the season finale where the team will finally graduate from the academy. No fear, though, as it’ll be back next year, but I will miss those blue thermals and khaki pants.

In case you had thought Justin Bieber had started being a grown up, he proved you wrong this weekend when he debuted a new tattoo on his face of a cross as well as a shaved haircut. The artist of the tattoo has told media that it represents Bieber’s journey back to God, though the subtext of that comment was also his journey of a night with a bit too much partying.

MTV’s “Faking It” tried to accomplish an episode this week where we all learn that we don’t need to label things, we just need to be who we are, which came off unfortunately preachy and pathetic. C’mon, though, if you’re getting your lessons from MTV, you’re pretty bad off, anyway, right?

Drake is having a really good week after the release of his album “Views” which had a single, “One Dance,” overtake the song “Panda” by Desiigner on the Billboard charts. That’s cool, because we all know how hard it is to compete with the adorableness of a panda.

Netflix is premiering its first talk show with the help of none other than Chelsea Handler, but they promise this won’t be a repeat of “Chelsea Lately.” For starters, it’s only going to air three times a week. I’m sorry, Netflix, but I’m looking for more nights to rot my brain away with late night TV, not fewer. Perhaps you should create another bingeable program instead.

And finally, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton now have a song together called “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” which they’ll perform for the first time on The Voice stage where their relationship blossoms and also seems to be a bit of a letter to their exes. Stefani also puts on a country accent in the tune. What’s that they say about people conforming just for their partner’s sake? I guess I’m still wishing them the best of luck.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here in three weeks where we will continue the pop culture fun all summer long! Hang in there, NYU!


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