The Energy Brings The Love

Photo by Hailey Nuthals

By Hailey Nuthals, Highlighter Editor

Culminating the latest release in their 10-year career, Brooklyn natives The Energy held an album release part at The Studio at Webster Hall this past Saturday. The Studio, filled with friends, family, and eager fans, was positively pulsing with excitement (or, you could say, with The Energy) for “When We Were Young,” the group’s newest LP.

After a hearty start from their three openers – singer-songwriters Ty Ward, Josh Friedman and duo Be The Change – The Energy took the stage to hearty applause. They wasted no time in getting right into the peak of their rock-and-roll vibes, with guitar riffs that could have been straight off either a Creed or U2 album and the sort of wall of sound you’d expect from either. Lead vocalist Adam Wolfsdorf was absolutely bursting with feeling, dancing about in a way just as amusing and as perfect as his tee shirt, which featured Abraham Lincoln shredding on a guitar, mid-leap.

The group, which is traditionally a four-piece outfit, was missing their usual drummer Zach Thomas. Luckily, they had two strapping young lads supporting them – one on drums, and another on rhythm guitar and keyboard. Together, the five of them amassed an impressive amount of sound. To the untrained ear, they could have been playing together for years, despite having only rehearsed together three times before that night’s show. Even despite barely fitting on the stage all at once (more than once, Wolfsdorf collided with bassist James Clifford), they had an undeniable chemistry that made it clear that their music was the sort of sound you can’t get from a curated group of strangers.  

Photo by Hailey Nuthals

The night passed through with as many enthusiastic hand paintings from Wolfsdorf and shredding solos from guitarist Ian VanderMeulen. Touching tributes occasionally slowed the tempo down to one of nostalgia, with a heartfelt rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (the lights were tastefully lowered for the moment) and later, a tribute to one of the bands that the band attributes as one of their biggest influences, U2. The audience grooved along to every beat, from the upbeat moments in The Energy’s own “When We Were Young,” the title track from the new album to more touching moments in “Go to Girl.”

The whole night felt like a summer evening from the mid-2000’s; warm and comfortable, like a night around a bonfire with friends, or a drive down an open highway on the way back from a day off spent at the lake. The Energy’s songs, filled at once with both hard rock and unshakable love, were the perfect soundtrack to a night filled with both. Their care and love for the fans that had supported them throughout their career was absolutely evident.


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