Second Child Talk Radio Disney and Recording


By Gilchrist Green, Staff Writer

Clive Davis senior Alex Tremitiere and Fordham graduate Alex DeSimine are the brains behind the band Second Child. Based out of NYC and Philadelphia, their future folk sound is evolving, and now with a solid lineup, they are ready to establish their place in New York’s music scene. WSN sat down (on the sidewalk outside of 194 Mercer to be exact) with Second Child to discuss their sound and their EP coming out this summer.

WSN: How did you guys meet?

Alex DeSimine: So Alex and I started playing original stuff when we met when we were like 13. And then eventually that turned into a band called Dirty Bird that we played with for a while. And then we eventually decided to do a new thing that was called Second Child. That was in 2012, the spring/summer of our freshman year of college. So I guess that’s kind of the start. It was just the two of us at first, and we recorded what is online now, which is the Beginners EP, with mostly just the two of us playing on it. But since then, it has kind of been a rotating cast of people until we found this solid set up with Tom as our drummer and Steve on vocals and guitar.

WSN: How would you describe your sound?

AT: So we are experimenting with calling it future folk, with psychedelic rock touches, kind of in the realm of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, and Dirty Projectors.

AD: We’ve got like the jangly guitars of indie rock for sure, but I think we have really cool vocal stuff going on pretty consistently across the board. We’ve got cool rhythms going on and a lot of percussion work and sweet synths. We are also playing with a kid who couldn’t be here today. He name is PJ and he goes to the New School with Tom. He is playing keys with us, and he has really brought a cool, psychedelic layer to the band with his synth stuff.



WSN: What has been the writing/recording process for the new EP?

AT: The writing has happened, so now we have just been recording. We have all of the basics down and we are building upon those. So that’s what we were doing today, just recording vibes. Which is really exciting. But we are expecting for it to be out this summer. That is what we are working towards.

WSN: So what are you hopes for the future?

AT: Radio Disney is top priority.

AD: But seriously, when the EP comes out in the summer, leading up to that and through that that is the big push for us. That is the beginning of the serious snowball rolling besides just playing around a lot and trying to get that music into as many hands and ears as possible.

WSN: Do you have a go-to song to play at every show?

AD: I guess we would play the bookends of our EP. They do a good job of showcasing what we can do. The first has a lot of sweet vocal stuff and more kind of down tempo, moody stuff. And then the other song is like really upbeat and energetic but still has a lot of cool, grooving touches.

See Second Child live on May 10th at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn.


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