Acid Dad’s Homecoming Celebration

By Mandy Freebairn, Staff Writer

Psych-punk band Acid Dad ended their first tour with a bang Thursday night. The band returned to New York City to play a show in Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge, part of the venue’s series “On the Rise at LPR.” After performances from Winstons, The Yin Yangs, and Ron Gallo, Acid Dad took the stage at 11pm sharp. They opened the show with “Don’t Get Taken,” a popular track off of their first EP, “Let’s Plan a Robbery.” A crowd of about 200 bobbed heads as the show got rolling.

The band, all long hair and denim and leather, looked at place on stage despite their age. Perhaps this had to do with the age of the crowd as well—almost everyone seemed under 25, with only a few exceptions. It makes sense, due to the fact that the members of Acid Dad were all once college students in the city; their homecoming attracted friends and fans alike. Le Poisson Rouge’s Bleecker Street location would have also made the show easily accessible to NYU students. The venue lent itself well to a live show like Acid Dad’s—it is large enough that fans have room to dance, but small enough to amplify the heavy guitar and drum fills of Acid Dad’s punk songs.

After “Don’t Get Taken” and “Get Off The Wall,” vocalist Vaughn Hunt announced that the group would be playing some new music. They then launched into “Native Sun,” a guitar-heavy anthem that elicited head banging and even some light moshing from the crowd. The song sent audience energy on an upswing that lasted for the duration of the hour-long set.

The show saw a mixture of Acid Dad’s more popular songs, such as “Fool’s Gold” and “Graveyard Kid,” interspersed with new tracks that were well-received by the audience. Before premiering a new song called “Nico’s Way,” Hunt explained that the song had been written in Washington about a “crazy motherfucker named Nico.” Indeed, the song itself was a crazy amalgamation of drum hits and guitar riffs. Another new track, “Ugly Baby,” captured the celebratory tone of the night, keeping fans dancing all the way through to the end of the set.

Acid Dad closed out the show with “Digger (Gotta Get That Money),” another track from the EP. The song’s fast-paced, surf-rock melody prompted the heaviest moshing of the night, with some fans migrating to the bar to escape the swarm. Acid Dad’s members fed off of this energy, jumping around onstage and engaging in synchronized head banging. One eager audience member even attempted crowd surfing, making it up to the stage before being swept back into the crowd.

If Thursday’s show was any indication, Acid Dad is indeed a band “on the rise.” Their live show conveyed a relief at being home that was eagerly reciprocated by fans.


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