American Wolves on Rock and Roll: Still Thriving?

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By Hailey Nuthals, Highlighter Editor

Recently, Washington Square News got to sit down with up-and-coming rockers American Wolves. The group, a four-piece bunch from Philadelphia, is preparing to head out on tour with acclaimed rock group Escape the Fate and Get Scared. American Wolves were nice enough to sit down and have a conversation with WSN about the recent admission of NWA into the rock and roll hall of fame, and Gene Simmons’ response to the event. Below is part of the band’s response to the idea that rock and roll may be dead.


WSN: [On Gene Simmons’ recent comments] What do you think is threatening rock these days – what puts it “in the ICU?”

Rob Lundy: I think, and I don’t know if these guys agree with me, but personally, there’s a lot of great pop and a lot of other great music out there, but a lot of what is popular is garbage. I remember seeing a quote from Dave Grohl that really resonated with me, and I’m paraphrasing here, but “music today isn’t what it was when the number one song on the charts is about your butt.” You know? Instead of anything real. And personally, I like to listen to music and be taken to a place. I like music that makes me think and makes me feel. I don’t get that out of Nicki Minaj… or that kind of stuff. I don’t think there’s any threats to rock and roll, but it’s a changing landscape. You have things like social media and technology. Things go in and out.

Rod Pires: I don’t necessarily agree with what Gene Simmons is saying.

RL: But like she said, what do you think is threatening rock and roll today? Aside from what Gene said.

WSN: Yeah, like what “killed” rock?

RL: Assuming it’s not dead, and assuming that it’s just not as popular as before, what do you think contributes to that?

RP: Money. Money killed rock and roll. There are way too many people who make money off of artists. It’s no longer about the music, it’s no longer about the artists. That’s hurt rock and roll. Rock and roll was a way for people who never had a voice to make a scene and take a stand. And unfortunately rock has just been oversaturated with way too many people who shouldn’t be in rock. And I think that’s why it is the way it is today. I don’t think it’s dead, I don’t necessarily think it’s in the ICU, I don’t think any of that. I just think it’s changed, and I don’t think there’s a threat to rock and roll. Rock and roll will always be a thing. I just think that it’s being viewed in the wrong light now. It will always be there.

Tyler Blinn: It doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

RP: Exactly. Someone like Gene Simmons saying rock and roll is dead is just saying that his career is dead.

RL: I was shocked that Gene would say rock and roll is dead.

WSN: Well, he had also made comments that there’s no new Elvis – saying, like, Tame Impala is never going to be Elvis.

RP: Gene Simmons also never met our band.


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