CHILDREN’s Video Culminates Psych Rock Aesthetic

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By Hailey Nuthals, Highlighter Editor

At first, CHILDREN’s new music video for their song “Give Me The Gun” (directed by NYU alum Kate Tsang) seems like the setup for a 4-minute film of a party that looks like it could have been a clip from “Perks of Being A Wallflower.” People are dancing and drinking, and we see snippets of them all having generally good times.

When things move to focus on the protagonist, a lovely brunette who catches the eye of the only ghost at the party, the intrigue steps up. They smile shyly at each other, and coyly touch hands before – a shock! There’s electricity running between them. From there, it escalates quickly – before you know it, Brunette and Ghost Boy are married and have a miraculous tiny ghost baby. Their life seems, according to these small idyllic snapshots, like a fairy tale.

All too soon, though, Brunette has aged to her final day, and her ghostly husband and child wait by her bedside as she takes her last breaths. Then, in a Kubrick-like space kaleidoscope of colors and flowers, the unbelievable happens: Brunette is a ghost, too! Rejoice!

But it’s too good to be true. With another shock, we are pulled back to the party. It was all just a vision – as Brunette pulls her hand back from Ghost Boy, the two uncomfortably separate. Viewers are left with a mixture of broken hearts and confusion, jolted from the happy fantasy they thought they were watching. The video ends, and begs the question: if you knew you’d end up happy, would you choose to do it? And then: he’s a ghost. Was she really just alone the whole time? Does this happen every time Ghost Boy touches someone? Will we all become ghosts when we die, or is it just because she was married to one that she transformed? How does the ghost baby work – is it like Edward and Bella a la Twilight? Are you thinking too hard about this when you should be getting ready for class?

Throughout, CHILDREN’s track keeps the mood light and fantasy-like. Their psych-rock sounds with soft vocals make the perfect montage voice-over, and when the chorus croons, “Give me the gun and I’ll pull the trigger,” it’s just as spooky-yet-cutely-pastel as the video. And as much as it asks more questions than it answers, the video itself is fun to watch, and its unpredictable twist leaves the viewer more satisfied than they would have been with a mere love story.

See the video for “Give Me The Gun” and an interview with the band here:

“Give Me The Gun” premiered its music video April 8, 2016. The single is available for download on the band’s Bandcamp, and can also be bought on a clear 7” vinyl that features the single and a B-side.


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