Hump Day Update: 3/23/2016

By Rachel A. G. Gilman, a Highlighter staff columnist

hump day update
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Welcome back to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. Hope you had a fantastic spring break! I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

In case you thought Iggy Azalea could not be anymore of a terrible person, you probably thought wrong. This week, Iggy released yet another comeback single, since her first one bombed. However, when even her record company doesn’t feel that the single deserved a music video, I’m not sure how much confidence we should have. Iggy decided that she’s just going to drive around L.A. on Mondays from 4-6PM and blast her upcoming album to promote, so all you Cali kids have been warned.

If you’re still stuck being addicted to “Pretty Little Liars” like I unfortunately am, then you’ll know that the show came to its mid-season finale for the final season (thank God) where it was revealed one of the character’s mothers that had died now has an identical twin. The more I watch this show, the less I can judge soap opera fans.

Meghan Trainor is trying to prove that she is more than a one-hit-wonder with her latest single, “No,” which according to MTV is “the living embodiment of the ‘arms crossed no way’ emoji.” But, as much as I appreciate a song telling boys to get out of a lady’s space, I’m also sexist enough to admit I miss the old pin-up style M-Train (#sorrynotsorry).

ABC’s “Modern Family” tried to tackle the issue of race when Phil’s type was revealed as a black woman. I mean, what do you expect from one of the whitest shows on television?

Justin Timberlake is reportedly back in the studio according to his Instagram account. He’s also working with Pharrell Williams again, which means it’ll only be a short amount of time before both musicians are on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon playing a round of True Confessions.

For fans of 1980’s films, “The Heathers” will be getting another go at the small screen (it previously bombed when Bravo entered the territory). Now, the show will live on TV Land, and the clique will consist of a black lesbian, a queer transgender named Heath, and a woman with the body of the heavyset Martha Dumptruck from the film. Yes, I’m positive this isn’t actually an MTV series in disguise.

Speaking of MTV, “Awkward” also returned this week, where all of the characters are back for summertime after their first year away at college. Jenna got a nose ring, Matty got a new girlfriend, and apparently the writers forgot that Tamara was supposed to stay in California and sent her off to NYU. Well, she does love abbreviations as much as we do.

Move on over, Taylor Swift. Michelle Obama now has the ultimate #girlsquad. She teamed up with Missy Elliot, Sophia Bush, and more super cool ladies at the South by Southwest music festival this past week where they wrote a song called “This Is For My Girls.” All proceeds from the single go towards Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, which is definitely better than baking cookies and riding swan floats.

And finally, Ariana Grande made the headlines lately when she hosted and performed on “SNL.” Critics said that she did an awesome job impersonating everyone from Britney Spears to Jennifer Lawrence. Many even said she did better work than regular members, which isn’t saying much taking a look at the recent cast of SNL.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here in two weeks. Have some fun in the sun and try to survive midterms!


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