“Fuller House” Creates Nostalgia For Diehards

fuller house

By Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer

90’s nostalgia has hit its heights with the release of Netflix series “Fuller House” on Friday, February 26th. Nothing has happened to predictability, but you will definitely find old familiar friends. Starring some of the cast front he original “Full House”, including Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber, and guest starring the rest of the of the original cast periodically throughout the first 13 episode season, the show awakens much of the magic that made “Full House” a classic for each new generation to uncover and love.

In this reboot, the oldest Tanner daughter is now DJ Fuller, widow of a fireman and mother of three sons about the age that her and her sister were when their mother died. They lived with the support of Danny Tanner for the past year, but by the end of the series premiere, her best friend and sister, Kimmy Gibbler and Stephanie move in with her when they realize DJ needs them.

To get one thing straight, though “Full House” managed to carve at least the smallest space in the hearts of all it’s audiences, “Fuller House” is an ode dedicated to the die-hard fans of the original.  Though a more specified audience, this crowd is sure to be head overs heels to catch sight of the latest adventures of their old favorite friends. The show plays heavily on the cutesy and sometimes cheesy aspects of its inspiration, bringing back many beloved catchphrases of the characters.

But the best part of it is that it does not take itself too seriously. It’s self aware and uses these sparingly and in an almost ironic way, allowing the audience to go back to the first time they were told to “have mercy” or “how rude” they are, while still accepting that it’s a bit strange that they speak the same way two decades later.

After jumping into the first episode wanting to catch a glimpse of the Tanner family back together, it seems a bit disappointing that the older cast will be back only sporadically throughout the show, but as the new three lead women’s characters develop, the show distinguishes itself from the 90s original. These complex characters remain loyal to their personality while still maturing and dealing with their topsy turvy and appropriately wacky romantic situations including the familiar face of DJ’s first love Steve, which makes “Fuller House” worth watching for more than just the nostalgia. This on top of the kid’s shenanigans and the family’s love take the best of “Full House” without just copying.

While this latest Netflix series and 90s revival might not be meant for new fans who can’t revel in its self aware references and the growth of the characters, its value lies in its ability to revive not only the characters of the old sitcom, but the warm and fuzzy smiles and laughs that it would leave its viewers wanting more. Luckily the age of Netflix means a 13 episode fix at once, though those 13 fly by in a binge marathon.


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