“Girls” Keeps Its Momentum Going

Image via GIRLS on facebook.com

By Talia Milavetz

The “Girls” fifth season premiers not in the usual setting of New York City, but rather in a quiet and quaint home in upstate New York, away from the noise and chaos of their regular city lives.

While the setting is quiet, the girls are anything but. Back together to help Marnie prepare for her wedding day, the friends have undergone many changes since the end of last season. Shoshanna is back from Japan with newly bleached and chopped off locks. Hannah is finally together with a nice guy, and Jessa is trying to create a career for herself, now pursuing work as a therapist.

In this opening scene, it feels as if we are meeting four new girls who surprisingly have their life together, not the girls we originally knew who were confused and disorganized. But as the episode goes on, we are reminded of the familiar and wacky characteristics of the friends. Not only are we reacquainted with their typical personalities, we get to see their complicated characteristics heightened due to the stress of Marnie’s wedding.

Marnie is more nit-picky than usual, planning a wedding with a stylistic theme that can only be described as, “Ralph Lauren meets Joni Mitchell.” Hannah is self-absorbed and brings her boyfriend into the bridal party, which drives Marnie crazy. Marnie uses Shoshanna as her mouthpiece to tell Hannah that she is unsupportive and inappropriate, and Jessa is mostly out of the picture.

The episode is divided between Marnie’s bridal party getting ready, and Desi’s groomsmen preparing for the day. The way the men get ready greatly contrasts the women. Throughout the episode there is mostly more drama on the girls side, but there is an incredibly dramatic scene between Ray and Desi.

Not only is the acting between the two men so believable, but the cinematography is also stunning. The men argue in the middle of a rainstorm only to them find themselves swimming in a pond, talking as the rain keeps falling. They argue about love and life and the scene is completely compelling.

Meanwhile, Marnie is complaining about the rain and getting angry that everyone keeps reminding her it’s a great sign of fertility.

In the midst of all the drama, Jessa and Adam tend to stay out of the shot. But as the episode goes on, we see them spending more time together and wondering how their relationship will play out as the season progresses.

The season 5 premiere of Girls is everything we love and hate about the characters, but magnified in a stressful situation. The episode maintains the typical “Girls” fashion of not always loveable characters acting not so loveably. Yet as the audience, we still find reasons to watch them and actually reasons to like them.  Those who are fans of the show will definitely like the season premiere, and hopefully it’s an indicator of the rest of the season.

Girls airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO, and is available for streaming on HBOGO.


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