Communion Gives Us: LOLO

Photo by Hailey Nuthals

February 2nd saw the first night of Communion Music’s residency for February. Communion’s residencies travel across 14 cities throughout the United States, giving the artists that call their organization “home” a chance to showcase their talents across the nation.

Lolo, a powerhouse singer originally from Tennessee, was the light of Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 2. She took the stage after a theatrical performance by fellow Communion artist Allen Rayman, and after an initial apology for a scratchy voice (leftover from a nasty cold over the weekend), immediately began to render the apology needless. Her own personal brand of soulful alternative rock, full of melancholy chords and lyrics about love and sparkling wine, immediately drew the crowd from the mellow head-nodding that had accompanied Rayman’s set to vivacious head-banging and jumping about.

Her voice was not at its top notch, it’s true, but it was clear that she could have performed in the midst of the flu and still rocked her set. Accompanied by a guitarist and a few tracks of her own harmonies and beats, she belted out song after song of beautifully articulated assertions of personality. Still, even after finishing a song and releasing whatever incredible note she had just been projecting, Lolo would immediately bounce back with a smile, grabbing a drink of water and cracking a joke. Audience members may not have known her before the night began, but they certainly felt like her friends by the end of the set.

If Adele was a rockstar; she’d be Lolo. She substituted dramatics for badass-ery, and evening gowns for skinny jeans and suspenders with rose decals, but lost none of the force of talent. It’s no one-hit wonder, either; the new songs she teased last night from her upcoming record sustained the prowess she showed on her first EP. The crowd knew it as well, if their unabashed rocking out was any indication. Her last song, ended with a half-cadence and a signature belt, left everyone gaping as she left the stage. There were still five performers left to go in the Communion showcase, but the night might as well have been over; Lolo’s performance was going to be hard to beat.

In summary, if you didn’t get hooked on Lolo when she was featured on Panic! At The Disco’s single “Miss Jackson” back in 2013, now’s the best time to make up for your loss. Her powerhouse vocals and unflinching lyrics are going to get her far, and get her there just as quick as you can say “DCD2.”

Hailey Nuthals is the Highlighter Editor. Email her at


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