Highlighter Highlights: A Proper Start

High Flyer half
photo & flyer by Hailey Nuthals

Now that all of our beloved staff writers have returned, and most of storm Jonas’ snow has melted away, things have gotten off to a proper start here in the Washington Square News offices. This week, by university standards, still counts as the “beginning” of the term, so we’ve got some updates for you, our dear reader.

First off, we have some new columns coming out! Thanks to Club Fest on Wednesday and our first open house this past Saturday, the Highlighter has recruited new blood and stirred up new ideas. What you can look forward to, so far:

  • Downtown Dramatics, reviewing the oft-overlooked theaters in downtown Manhattan and digging up history we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have already known.
  • Now, Then; which will review each of the “Now: That’s What I Call Music!” collections, starting with volume one and continuing on until the columnist reviewing these albums is fired.
  • On A Deeper Level, which will bring you the socio-political curiosities of the gaming world.
  • Silver Linings, taking second looks at universally disliked movies to find their redeeming qualities.
  • and as always, more to come! (Specifically, something culinary.)

Now don’t forget – if you’re an NYU student and you want to write your own glorious column: you can! Simply shoot an email off to Hailey at hnuthals@nyunews.com with your idea, and we’ll get you Internet-famous just as soon as you can type up your first installment. Columns can be anything art-related, from photo series to reviewing weekly episodes of your favorite television show.

Not so sure about your commitment? Feel free to come meet Hailey any Sunday at the WSN offices (5th floor of 838 Broadway), or come to this Saturday’s open house! The open house will be from 1-4pm at the offices, and there will be representatives from every section of Washington Square News (but most importantly, from the Highlighter).

We look forward to seeing you, because we know you look forward to seeing us.


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