Spring 2016: Welcome Back

Photo by Hailey Nuthals

For those of you who didn’t believe it could happen – or were deceived by the whomping blizzard Jonas that arrived this weekend – it is spring term, and that means only one thing: the Highlighter is back in action. That’s right, folks. We’re back, and we’re about to get crazy.

Some changes that are coming with the lovely turn of season:

  • A brand new editor, just like every semester. Hailey Nuthals has graciously stepped into the role, and will be doing her level best to make sure everything runs like Usain Bolt’s prize-winning tortoise.
  • New columns and articles will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will be up at noon each respective day. (Ah, but which time zone? Sadly, nobody yet knows.)
  • The current state of disorganization and lost links will be progressively revised until this website functions like a classy library of stuff you’d actually want to read. Or, Hailey will explode and make every link go to “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Look out.

As always, the Highlighter will be bringing you the best of the best of those who volunteered to write for us. We have five columnists thus far who promise to give you the gift of prose this semester – some oldies, some newbies, and some who have yet to be recruited from Club Fest and our Open Houses. What you can expect as of now:

  • Hump Day Update, bringing you the freshest art & entertainment news we can get!
  • Carter’s Comic Corner, making sure our favorite heroes do not have to picket for publication without representation!
  • Dazed and Confused, reviewing 90’s films and giving you a chance to discuss movies from an age you barely remember and making sure you can still have informed opinions on things made when you were six.
  • Liner Notes, a column of the music you should definitely be listening to, because when you’re taking 17 credits and none of them are music courses, it’s easy to forget that you can fill your life with sounds other than groans and sighs.
  • More others yet to be determined (?!?!?!?)

We can’t wait to bring you the best Highlighter yet. In the meantime, stay warm, stay cool, stay you.


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