NYU Comedy Troupes Take Center Stage at Kimmel

By Daria Butler

via Patrick Pauley for WSN

Laughter and Friday-night cheer ensued at the NYU Sketch Show hosted by Comic Sans, Home Improvment and Pasadena Golf Club. Held in room 903 of Kimmel last month, the popular show attracted an audience so large that some had to sit on the floor.

The newly-founded improv team Comic Sans kicked off the show with an uncensored talk about male genitalia and Jesus Christ coaching a football team. On a darker note, they delved into the perks of having your roommate die, which included free NYU tuition and meal swipes.

Next, Pasadena Golf Club took the stage. The crowd was thrilled when sketch comedy favorite, Jason Boxer, prefaced the first set with a story of his first experience with George Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984.” “I was excited about it…in a sexual way,” he said bluntly.

The third group, Home Improvment, rounded out the show with two sets, playing to a slightly smaller but no less enthusiastic audience, as some had not stayed till the end. The set offered many topical acts, and even social commentary on guns and Kmart.

Being in a comedy troupe creates more than laughs; it also builds communities. “It’s really cool to see the comedy community at NYU and how the teams support each other… There was a huge crowd, so that was pretty dope,” said Steinhardt freshman Kendall Fletcher, a member of Pasadena Golf Club. Being part of a comedy troupe is also a way to build networks across graduating classes. Ibhan Kulkarni, a first-year member of Pasadena Golf Club majoring in Computer Science, said, “There’s already this base thing of friends and relationships that can be developed, plus it’s nice to have upperclassmen friends who can help you.”

Both Kulkarni and Fletcher look forward to an upcoming Thanksgiving-themed show, and encourage peers to like Pasadena Golf Club’s Facebook page.

CAS freshman Hamilton O’Toole expressed gratitude in performing with the newly minted comedy group, Comic Sans. “We never thought we’d have a show this fast when we started the group and we’re just so humbled to be here on stage,” O’Toole said.

The vibe was appropriately casual and low-key, the only complaint of the evening being the venue’s size. Nonetheless, it was a night of good fun and uncensored comedy. What more could one want on a Friday night at NYU? Like the groups’ Facebook pages for updates on the latest on the comedy performance roster.

Daria Butler is a Staff Writer. Email her at entertainment@nyunews.com



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