“A Night on the Nile” is a Night of Entertainment

by  Talia Milavetz

via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“A Night on the Nile” was a night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art specifically for New York City College Students. The Met stayed open after hours for students to experience the new exhibit “Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom.” There was dancing, art projects, food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

The Met was transformed with hundreds of candles, lights, projections and music from DJ Louie XIV. People came out dressed in their best Egyptian attire and party dresses.

College Group at the Met put on the event. This is a group of college students who come together to create programming so New York City students are able to enjoy the Met and its exhibits in new and unique ways.

Their most recent event was Egyptian themed. They served grape leaves, Greek olives, opened the Egyptian exhibits and had a stamp making station for students to try their hands and hieroglyphics.

The Egyptian theme was to compliment the next exhibit “Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom,” which will run until January 24, 2016. The Met described this exhibit. They said, “During the Middle Kingdom (mid-Dynasty 11–Dynasty 13, around 2030–1650 B.C.), artistic, cultural, religious, and political traditions first conceived and instituted during the Old Kingdom were revived and reimagined. This transformational era is represented through 230 powerful and compelling masterworks (individual objects and groups of objects) in the major international exhibition”.

Much of the artwork came from the pre-existing Egyptian collection at the Met. So if you’ve been before, you won’t find a whole lot of new material. However, there are some additions to this exhibit that are unique. There is a fascinating model and blueprint of the pyramid structures at the time, and there are many pieces of art on display that have never before been show in the United States.

One downfall of this event was that because it was after hours, students did not have access to the entirety of the museum. The rooftop was closed, as was the Mastaba Tomb of Perneb, the room with floor to ceiling glass windows and water.

Overall, this was a really fun, free, and interesting way to spend a New York City evening. The College Group at the Met will continue to hold events for students throughout the year, so if you missed this one, keep an eye out for more to come.

Talia Milavetz is a Staff Writer. Email her at entertainment@nyunews.com


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