‘Cuba Vibra!’: Dancing To A Latin Beat

By Blair Best

Via Youtube

If beautiful dancing, upbeat Cuban music and dazzling costumes sound like a perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon, then The New Victory Theater’s “Cuba Vibra!” is right up your alley!

This Cuban dance company travels to New York City to share their culture through a jaw dropping dance performance. The ensemble consists of twenty dancers and eight musicians. Although the dancers take center stage, the musicians are seen sharing the space behind them with a bright red lowlight igniting their instruments. They hold the show together by giving the dancers a constant Cuban beat.

The synchronicity and precision between the dancers and the live orchestra makes for a wonderful harmony of Cuban culture. If attending an afternoon performance, be sure to bring your little one. It is the perfect show for mothers and their children. Itching in their seats and hands wrapped tightly around shaking maracas, the children could not wait for the dancing to begin. As the curtain raised, the lights once illuminating the beautiful old architecture sank to a black out and the elegant dancers, wearing bright red and black dresses were magically revealed.

The show consisted of many group numbers with solos and duets tastefully sprinkled throughout. Each number told a different story of the Cuban culture. Not only was it a beautiful piece of theatre, it was also a captivating portrayal of Cuban tradition. There was a strong sense of connection between dancer to audience and dancer to orchestra. This feeling of generous contact throughout the ensemble was greatly appreciated as an audience member. It made the show feel comfortable and even more enjoyable to watch.

With nothing but smiles, the dancers gave the audience a feeling as if they were on the stage with them. This was especially prominent in one of the closing numbers. The men were performing a piece with loud drums as they invited the audience to clap along with the beat. As the children sprang to their feet and clapped to the music, the whole theatre blossomed with a magical energy that was held in the palm of each dancer’s hand. This ensemble of Cuban dancers and musicians did a fantastic job of knowing their audience and playing to it appropriately.

If interested in seeing this exciting show and don’t have a little one to bring along; the evening performances may be your best bet, for they look as if they would speak to an older crowd. But whether you have a child who is interested in dance and are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, or you are out with friends on a Friday night searching for some live entertainment, don’t miss out on your chance to see the gem of a show that is “Cuba Vibra!”

“Cuba Vibra!” finished its run at the New Victory Theater, 209 W. 42nd St. on November 29th.


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