Casey Veggie on Inspiration and Growth

by Opheli Garcia Lawler

Via Adam Kargenian for WSN

Casey Veggies is only 22 years old;  despite his young age, he started a clothing line called Peas & Carrots, was a founding member of the rap collective Odd Future, and he just released his first major label album, Live & Grow. He began touring with Mac Miller right after graduating high school, and since then has only grown as an artist and performer. His show on Monday, November 23rd, was an incredible success, with and incredibly energetic performance to a crowd of passionate fans. He even stayed after the show, waiting until every single fan had gotten to meet him, and was one of the last people to leave Webster Hall.

Two days later, he was gracious enough to talk on the phone with me about growing as an artist, finding the energy to perform, and where he draws inspiration from.

WSN: I was going to ask you a few questions, I saw your show, which really stood out because you brought the energy out, which was impressive. Is there anything you do to pull that energy out of the crowd, and out of yourself?

Casey Veggies: I think I just definitely feed off the energy of the crowd, and if they like the music, I try to give them that energy back. I really try to let loose, you know, because if the crowd sees you let loose, then they will be more encouraged to let loose.

WSN: I feel that. You’ve spoken a lot before about having your own strength when being a part of such a big machine like Epic and Roc. What’s the difference between the energy of being independent and being part of a team like that?

CV: You definitely have to work hard, work like you’re still independent, because at the end of the day, you’re competing with the big artists. You have to produce music at that high level, because you have to produce music that is at that level.

WSN: “Live & Grow” was kind of an example of that, you really stepped up to the plate for that project.

CV: Yeah, thank you.

WSN: When you are making a project do you think about it big picture or is it kind of a “one step at a time process.”

CV: I try to keep the story going, like a storyline with all my projects, you know I try to keep getting better every time I get in there [the studio] working on something new. I just take it one step at a time, I gather a lot of beats and once I get a song that I love, it’s like a puzzle, little by little you add different pieces to it, until it’s complete.

WSN: Speaking on that, you kind of do a little bit of everything, you’ve got Peas and Carrots, you’ve got your music, where do you draw all this inspiration from? And the work ethic, to do all of these things?

CV: I think it comes from the drive I have, the ambition I have. And all of these things just come from being creative. It all goes together, all of my projects are just a different form of art. I’m being creative and being myself. It comes from being able to do what I love to do, for my profession, you know it makes you want to work harder and you just try to be involved with more stuff, so you don’t put yourself in a box.

WSN: You’re from Inglewood, and that has obviously influenced your creativity and your projects, but you started touring right after high school, how does being exposed to different parts of the country, different parts of the world and having the background you have, how does effect your process?

CV: Yeah it definitely has, a lot. You know when you grow as an artist and you experience these different things that the music business has to offer, your experience level goes up, naturally. You know, you begin to write differently, you begin to think differently. That’s what I love about being an artist, you know as I go, I’m learning all these different things and it’s a growth process.

WSN: Alright, thank you so much for speaking with me, I really enjoyed your show, it’s one of the best I’ve seen in awhile, have a happy holiday!

CV: Thanks so much, that means a lot. You too, thank you. Bye.

You can find “Live & Grow” out now on iTunes and Spotify now.

Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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