Hump Day Update: 12/2/2015


By Rachel A.G. Gilman

hump day update
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Welcome to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Anyone remember 2012, when Psy and “Gangham Style” were super cool? Well the South Korean pop star is looking to make another splash with his latest single “Daddy,” where the video features him as both an old man and a flamenco dancer. Maybe it’ll be popular in the same way train wrecks are: it’s just so bad you can’t help but look.

CBS released its midseason schedule for this week, which revealed “2 Broke Girls” will be moving to Wednesdays come the new year, “The Odd Couple” is returning for a second seasons Thursdays in January, and surprisingly, “Person of Interest” is not on the block. Maybe the shows investigators are trying to determine how the heck CBS made these foolish programming decisions.

Girl group Little Mix was without Jesy Nelson when they brought their tour to Japan this week, and decided to fill the void by carrying out a cardboard cutout of her image with them everywhere that they went. The gesture was thoughtful, but let’s be real here: how many of us actually know the names of the members in Little Mix, let alone which one might be missing?

CBS also made the decision to order a full season of “Supergirl” this week, which has been receiving high rating and positive reviews since its debut, proving Beyoncé right: girls really do run the world (at least in terms of favorite new shows).

Unsurprisingly, Adele’s “25” set a new record for first-week album sales, dethroning N*SYNC, and also became the best-selling album of the year thus far, bumping Taylor Swift down the list. Watch out, pop star and boy band fandoms—those sad boys and girls out there have a lot more influence in the industry than you may think.

The top show on TV this past week was unsurprisingly the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC, which not only provided NBC with one of the only week’s it’ll have high ratings, but also showed us how poorly singers are at lip-syncing while wearing coats on floats (I’m looking at you, Jordin Sparks).

What do fans of musicals and fans of the Beastie Boys have in common? Nothing, until now! London’s Camden People’s Theater is producing an authorized comedic, music retelling of the story of the group entitled “Licensed to Ill,” which explores everything from how the rappers got started to the death of MCA. Even more interesting is that Rick Rubin, Def Jam Founder, is portrayed in the show via a puppet. I can’t help but wonder how this casting decision affects the musical’s staging of those old parties in Weinstein Hall…

Jimmy Fallon rang in the start of the holiday season Thanksgiving night by carrying on a tradition of singing parodies of popular songs themed with holiday lyrics with Rashida Jones. It’s just like your post-holiday family festivities, except your karaoke probably involves a lot more alcohol and fewer Queen Latifah guest appearances.

And finally, in more holiday TV news, this weekend also included many holiday specials you may have caught while ignoring your homework and recovering from your pie hangover on your parents’ couch including “Frosty the Snowman” and “Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town,” so if the numerous commercials on the tube advertising sales on cares and mattresses weren’t enough to enforce the holidays are in full swing, hopefully these childhood favorite flicks put you in the mood.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next Wednesday.


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