“Life in Pieces” proves cliché

By  Lily Dolin

Via Variety

If you’re looking for a way to pass Monday nights watching a clichéd version of the already popular show “Modern Family,” then I have just the show for you. CBSs new comedy, “Life In Pieces,” follows one family as they succeed, fail, and get into crazy situations together. Sound familiar? The show is split up into four, six-minute long segments. Each segment follows a different family member, and the problems they are dealing with. Im using the word problemsloosely, because the worst thing any character has to deal with is finding a place to get it on with a colleague, which, while sad, isn’t really disastrous.  

The rest of the show is filled with nothing more than clichéd jokes. The Deliverycenters around the oldest son, Greg, his wife, and their newborn. I appreciated how this segment played up the sex-crazed husband card. When told he couldn’t have sex with his wife for six months, Gregs face morphed into a horrified expression so pathetic that I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. Of course hes in pain, how could anyone expect a male in his late 40s to go six months without sex? What is he supposed to do, take care of his newborn baby?

College Tour delivers audiences with everything they would expect; a crazy, hysterical mother shoving sandwiches in her sons pocket before he goes off to college, a dad who tries to relate to his son but instead winds up telling a completely embarrassing story about having sex with a couch that he thought was a person. This joke wasn’t as funny as much as it was concerning. I cant even begin to understand how someone could mistake the folds of a couch for an actual female sex organ. I just hope my dad doesn’t have any crazy remember-that-one-time-I-had-sex-with-a-couch stories floating around.

The rest of the show featured some other overused plot lines. The First Datewas a predictable story about having sex on the first date. The Funeralwraps up nicely with a classic pep talk reminiscent of the locker room speeches given at the end of inspirational football movies. Honestly, the plot lines of these sections were so irrelevant, Im not going to waste any time on them.

The whole show is nothing more than another comedy about a white, upper class family. At least Modern Family has diversity. “Life in Pieces,” or LIP, as I affectionately call it, is just bland and generic. Worst of all, the show fails to deliver on its main selling point. “Life in Pieces” claims to be a show all about family, and the moments families create together. Unfortunately, I think theres a closer emotional bond between the couch and the sadly mistaken father than there are bonds between the actual family members. There was only one scene where the whole clan was together, and they hardly ever talked.
If anything, I would give this show a couple months before it joins the family of shows that have fallen from grace and into obscurity.  

Lily Dolin is a Contributing Writer. Email her at entertainment@nyunews.com


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