Sandra Bullock shines on “Crisis”

By Anubhuti Kumar

Via The Slanted

The much anticipated new Sandra Bullock starrer, “Our Brand is Crisis”, has finally made its way to theaters and is definitely worth the watch. The film follows campaign strategist Jane Bodine’s, played by Bullcock, determined plan to win the presidential election for her candidate, Pedro Gallo. Pedro Gallo is a strong willed capitalist who hopes to bring financial stability and economic development back to his country, Bolivia, struggling with the deepest depths of poverty, to lead the country out of a crisis.

This movie is based on a 2005 documentary of the same name that details the 2002 presidential campaign of Bolivia and the American strategies that Greenberg Carville Shrum, a political consulting firm used to win the election. Yet Gallo was not the only politician to hire a foreign firm to manage his campaign. His biggest competitor, socialist Victor Rivera, also had the same idea and hired the only strategist able to to bring the legendary Bodine out of her peaceful early retirement between mountains making Native American pottery. Her worst enemy since the beginnings of her career, Pat Candy, played by Billy Bob Thorton, who has manage to beat her in every campaign they have faced each other and done it with arrogance and repulsively.

The camping looks hopeless at first glance, and Bodine is quick to mention their trailing at 8% while Rivera leads in the 20s. Bullock’s portrayal of the brilliant strategist is the highlight of the film and she develops a character that is hard not to root for in her effort to secure a victory. The perfect balance between comedic and emotional acting, Bullock pulls off a character with depth and flaws and a sense of humor in a tense career, with bits and pieces of the character to which all audiences can relate.  From impassioned speeches to arouse canvassers to work to drunken mishaps to personal grudges and self respect, Bullock moves through all aspects of her character personality easily and convinces Bolivians that only her candidate can fight their crisis.

The film is an interesting and insightful look into the political process. The corruption, the backbiting, the superficiality, and the passion. “Our Brand is Crisis” depicts the political climate and situation in the early years on the 21st century, bringing to a wide audience the struggles and issues that Bolivia faced in its recent history. It effectively portrayed the multifaceted problems and the multitude of viewpoints that voiced their solutions to it. From socialism, to disillusionment in their government, to sacrificing the hardworking backbone of the country for the future wealthy of joining the global economy.

This film manages to combine essential content with exceptional acting to create the latest must see Sandra Bullock performance. “Our Brand is Crisis” delivers serious and thought provoking plot based on real, important stories of very recent South American politics and crises that were probably relatively unknown to the general American population before this film, while still being entertaining enough to hold the attention of the audience.

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