A “Survivor” Throwback

By Talia Milavetz

Via Wikipedia

When “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” premiered last Wednesday, fans were excited because they had a sense of what was ahead. 20 past contestants came back to give the game another try. The first runner up of the original season was there, along with some who didnt make it as far in the newer seasons.

Fan favorites include Joe Anglim, the pretty boy with a man bun who leads the team in yoga and got voted off mid season last year due to his threat in challenges. Others include Kass McQuillen a white-collar lawyer who smartly played the game, but didnt play the social game well enough to win. Fan favorites from older seasons include Kelly Wiglesworth, who after being the first runner up 15 years ago is back to give Survivor a second chance.

The contestants are split into two teams, the pink Bayon Tribe and the green Ta Keo tribe. But the real divide is found between the old school and the new school players. The old school players are used to gaining trust and building alliances by doing hard work at camp. These players focus on building shelter and cooking rice and hoping that their peers take notice.

The new school players build their game by going right to the social aspects. They build their alliances by talking on the beach with their peers and building their trust on words alone. The divide between the playersstrategies is interesting to watch.

Contestants describe the mistakes they made in previous seasons, and make goals to change their game to have a chance at winning. Tasha Fox from “Survivor: Cagayan”regretted her niceness in her previous season.

The first time I played Survivor, I was nice Tasha. I didnt want my family or my church members to be disappointed in the way I played the game. When I returned home, my church members were saying, You need to be more aggressive and lie and backstab like everyone else. So if the Saints think its okay. Its okay,said Tasha Fox.

Overall, the season premiere was a little bit of a let down. There wasnt much to get fans excited. It was fun to have a throw back and recognize old faces, but that wasnt enough to make the show interesting.

There was petty drama about a stolen bracelet, and the challenges were less than exciting. However, this is always to be expected in the first few episodes of Survivor. It gets good towards the middle of the season when alliances start to fall apart and challenges become more difficult. While the season premier was not a huge success, there is still hope for “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.”

Talia Milavetz is a Contributing Writer. Email her at entertainment@nyunews.com


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