Highlighterism IV: The #ArtSquad Gets Real

By WSN Arts Staff

This week’s edition of Highlighterism IV, the #ArtSquad buckles down following the tragedies that have rocked the world recently. We get a little more serious, a little more reflective. The arts can bring hope to people, can show solidarity and hope in times of crisis, can tell stories that usually go unheard. This world has as much joy as it does sorrow, so let’s talk about it.

The Highlighter’s new generation of arts editors is here, and we’re bringing you the finest in bi-weekly snark, general arts happenings in New York City, and off-key renditions of “Happy Birthday” (shoutout to the lovely Audrey Deng, and not just because she edits all of our stuff so well).

Thanks for tuning in. Stay safe, stay informed, keep your hope+your spirits up. And we recommend you find that video of Putin’s resting b*tch face; you won’t regret it.

This podcast was (lovingly) curated by:

  • E.R. Pulgar, Highlighter Editor
  • Audrey Deng, Arts Editor
  • Allison Stubblebine, Entertainment Editor
  • Kieran Graulich, Music Editor
  • Joseph Myers, Theater/Books Editor
  • Zach Martin, Film Editor
  • Special Guest: Carter Glace, Highlighter Staff Columnist (Entertainment)
  • Special Guest: Hailey Nuthals ,Theater Staff Writer

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