Pages with Patel, VI: The Mysterious Bookshop

By Nishtha Patel

Via Conan Doyle Houdini on WordPress

The hustle and bustle of busy New York traffic disappears when one enters The Mysterious Bookshop (58 Warren Street), a bookstore in Tribeca specializing solely on crime, thriller, and mystery novels—one of the oldest of its kind in America. Floor to ceiling shelves filled to the brim with novels line the outer perimeter of the store. Right as one walks in, the sheer volume of books is striking. This is certainly the perfect place to discover something new, especially if you are a lover of mystery.

There are true crime novels, espionage, spy, thriller, and much more. Rare books and antique editions line the shelves among the new versions. Bright pink tags reading, “signed editions” decorate the spines of hundreds of signed copies. One can scour the shelves and still find something different each time—there are so many things lurking in the shelves waiting to be uncovered.

One of the features of this store is the massive back wall of shelves dedicated to just Sherlock Holmes. There are old copies and first editions. The BBC version and bind ups. Not only that, but there are parodies, criticisms, scholarships, and books inspired by or based on the original Sherlock Holmes. A true fan’s paradise. And, tying the entire room together, a large leather couch sits in the middle—straight out of 221B itself.

Not only a bookshop, The Mysterious Press is also an independent book publisher as an imprint of Grove Atlantic. They are devoted to publishing only crime, mystery, and suspense fiction. As a highly specialized group, their well-curated selection offers an amazing experience for mystery lovers and bibliophiles alike. The Mysterious Bookshop is the perfect place to duck into on a cold day, grab a mystery off the shelf, and curl up on the comfortable couch.

Nishta Patel is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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