The Out-Do, IV: Sade, Norah Jones, and Dido

By Opheli Garcia Lawler

Via Her Campus

This week, as the weather is gloomy, and it finally gets colder than sixty degrees, let us revel in three older artists that will earn you props from older baristas and also your cool aunts. It’s time to pop open the bottles of red wine, call your mom, and fill up the bubble bath: sometimes, outdoing everyone else’s music knowledge means knowing the smooth jazz female vocalist hits of the early two thousands.

Norah Jones

Sure this is about as unhip as Martha Stewart, but “Come Away With Me” is a certified rainy day banger, and your knowledge of this 2004 standout could potentially make you some cool book club friends. Play as you walk into Alabaster Bookshop and revel in nostalgia.


No Ordinary Love,” specifically the official music video, is a piece of knowledge that will get you some head nods from the ticket girl at the MoMA.To further pique your interests: Sade is the Little Mermaid in this video, and her doom and gloom romance will get you across Washington Square Park as the leaves crunch, and probably through any breakup you will ever experience.


At this point of the list, you’re probably wondering if I’m actually Olivia Pope recovering from a bad fight with Fitz, but trust me guys, nothing says “trendy” quite like nostalgia. Find your innermost wine mom, put on a nice white robe, blast “White Flag,” and marinate in her sweet sweet crooning.
Tune in next time for indie bands that seem to do their best performing outdoors.

Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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