The Colbert Report, VI: Settling into the Hot Seat

By Ryan Matera

Via Lockerdome

Last week on the Late Show showed Colbert finding comfort in his desk as he probed a Governor on the legalization of marijuana and got silly with Bryan Cranston.

Colbert’s most biting interview to date came this Friday, when he grilled Ohio governor John Kasich on the failed movement to legalize marijuana in his state. Kasich turned the argument into “what will we tell our kids,” and Colbert wasn’t having it, insisting that the negative presence of marijuana on a permanent record can be more damaging to someone. “Is that really pot, the drug crisis?” Colbert insisted, “Lots of people are going to jail for minor drug infractions, and it ruins their entire life.” The interview was a sign of the political zeal everyone hoped the show would bring down on guests like Trump and Hilary, but in this case the pressure was called for and appreciated by the audience.

When it was revealed that Guinness would be changing their century old recipe in order to please vegans the show responded aggressively. They started a petition to reverse the decision and reinsert the fish bladder that Guinness has been using in their beer, a petition which you could sign here

Bryan Cranston’s interview to promote his new film Trumbo was filled with humorous riffing from both the guest and the host and a discussion on the Red Scare. The two show a friendship that goes back to the Report as Cranston promoted a movie which looks incredible (the clip included Louis CK telling Cranston to please shut up; which sounds pretty awesome).

The third edition of “Big Questions and Even Bigger Stars” aired this Thursday, with Cranston lying next to Colbert on a grassy hill side. The two dove into questions like “do you think you’ll go to heaven?” and “what’s the saddest thing?” (to which the answer was the following: “a drug dog who is forced to fight his brother, who is a drug gang’s guard dog”). The bit once again proved to be strong and showed the two actors’ ability to get deep.

The show this week also alerted us to a system of cables which run along the bottom of the ocean connecting every continent with the Internet. This discovery, which was pretty surprising to most people, was then modified with the fact that Russia has been doing some weird stuff in those areas lately. Colbert then went on to provide alternatives to the internet, including baby pictures (or pictures of Vin Diesel), a stack of racist tweets, and a cat dressed in a tuxedo.

As Colbert admitted his love for us in Thursday’s opening monologue, we got excited for next week guests, including Aziz Ansari, John Cleese, and Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Ryan Matera is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email him at


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