‘Blindspot’ is a shot in the dark

by Carter Glace

Via Torrent Freak

For the last x weeks, NBC’s “Blindspot” assulted the world with its marketing campaign. Between TV spots, trailers, radio ads, billboards and bus-side-banners, I already feel as though I’ve soldiered through seven seasons. But I just don’t understand why this show in particular is being marketed as NBC’s groundbreaking new show; their fall lineup is incredibly thin.

“Blindspot” stars Jamie Alexander as a woman found in a bag in Times Square. With no memory, no identity and her body covered in tattoos, she earns the ire of the FBI when they realize one of their best agents’ name is on her back, and her tattoos are clues for upcoming crimes.

If it seems like I’m grasping for straws here, it’s because there’s so little to discuss. The show is air, a bunch of worn tropes all brought together to justify the central concept of a tattooed amnesiac. The tropes in this show are incredibly tiring. Jaimie Alexander plays a woman with no memory but with inexplicable seal level skills (because the Bourne story hasn’t been done to death yet) and teams up with a  grizzled male badass FBI agent who thinks of everything and a main villain who decided he wants to be the eccentric kind of villain and leave tattoo clues as opposed to, you know,  just notes.

There’s a handful of reasons I imagine this got green lit. 1) Someone wanted Jaimie Alexander to have a vehicle, which is great, because she’s a very talented, awesome person. But she deserves better. 2) NBC wanted to cash in on the growing middling action genre but invert it with a woman. Again, a noble idea, but see #1. 3) Someone wanted an excuse to present Jaimie in tasteful, surprisingly graphic nudity. If that’s the case, hey, congrats on achieving your oddly specific dream.

The mystery is interesting enough I suppose, and Jaimie Alexander fully commits, but the emptiness just raises plot holes and questions: Why would the government have a secret female Seal when that would be great press? Why does the FBI guy get more screen time? Why does everyone make bad jokes like they’re pretending to be friends? But hey, maybe you’ll find the answers, like why people seem to think every vaguely interesting concept needs a whole series or movie.
“Blindspot” plays on NBC on Mondays 10/9c. It premiered on Sept. 21.

Carter Glace is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email him at entertainment@nyunews.com


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