Save Ferris, II: A Look Back at “Back to The Future 2”

by Michael Dellapi

Via Amazon Advisor

Very few movie sequels are able to live up to the quality of their original counterpart, and even fewer are able to surpass the quality of the original. Would you look at that, I just summed up my feelings about “Back to the Future 2.” But keep reading :there’s more to my feelings about both movies than just that.

Back to the Future 2” isn’t just a better movie in my opinion when compared to the first one. Saying so would say that the movie can exist in solidarity, which it holistically cannot. Rather, would makes “Back to the Future 2″ such a memorable piece is that serves perfectly to compliment the themes presented in the original and continues to build upon them to create cinematic excellence. Pretentious as the word “cinematic excellence” may sound, I feel that it is applicable to both movies in their own regard.

The original “Back to the Future” is nothing short of timeless (pun definitely intended), serving as a pop culture icon for years to come after its release. Critical appreciation for the film is almost universal, whereas the sequel suffered slightly more so. Nevertheless, my initial impressions of “Back to the Future 2 “still remains dear to me and I feel as if it deserves more credit than it is sometimes given.

Oh yeah, and Happy Belated Back to the Future Day by the way. The numerous predictions that “Back to the Future 2″ made serve to add to the inherently endearing quality of the film. The sequel knew exactly what made its predecessor so impactful, and significantly built upon these core attributes. Tension was constantly building in the original movie, as the characters were quite literally racing against time for the duration. “Back to the Future 2″ capitalized on this facet of the film and ensured that the stakes were being raised in every possible instance of the movie. Additionally, the plot of the original is essentially used as a skeleton of its sequel. This creates a sense of familiarity for the audience and additionally puts the two movies in conversation.

It would have been so easy for “Back to the Future 2″ to come off as nothing short of excessive, but the success of the film lies in the fact that it did not come off that way at all. 

Michael Dellapi is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email him at


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